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Amid the many announcements made on the occasion of the Nintendo Direct the day before yesterday, we would have almost forgotten the imminent release of Bayonetta 3. The witch of the Umbra will return to bewitch us October 28 and in anticipation, a lot of content is now uploaded including a long gameplay trailer, previews from US sites as well as the game’s main theme for the music lovers among you.

Bayonetta 3 gameplay under the microscope

If the extract broadcast during the Nintendo Direct was more of an encore, an almost 8-minute video was uploaded shortly after. This new trailer dwells on general story elements by presenting Bayonetta as well as its companions but also emphasizes the gameplay of this third episode which seems to bring the series to its peak. We will of course find the basics with a combo system mixing fists, feet and revolvers, Bewitchment and Sadistic Attacks but also and above all two new mechanics: the Dance of Submission and the Demon Masquerade. While the first allows you to bring in the fearsome demons at Bayonetta’s orders in the middle of a fight, the Masquerade allows you to merge with one of them to unleash all your sorcery. Other information is given in this video, including a zoom on the gameplay of Viola.

Previews: rave reviews from America

American journalists had the privilege of laying their hands on Bayonetta 3 preview on the occasion of the PAX West, an American video game trade show held last week. Thus, the appearance of the game during the Nintendo Direct probably went hand in hand with the lifting of some embargo since previews from various American sites have flourished in the last 24 hours.

If you were worried about the quality of the game after all these years of waiting, it seems that you can be reassured since all the published articles are unanimous: Bayonetta 3 will live up to its predecessors. polygon highlights in particular a more diversified gameplay than before which nevertheless retains the intrinsic qualities of the series. On his side, NintendoLife notes clashes that are still just as spectacular and bloody while Cameron Hawkinsof ILARP, says he is “blown away” because he has seen, insisting on very intuitive mechanics bringing the series to a level never before reached. In short, heavy approach as they say.

Whispers of Destiny, Bayonetta 3 sets the tone

In Bayonettait was Mysterious Destiny. Bayonetta 2 was musically illustrated by Tomorrow is Mine. In Bayonetta 3we will be pleased to hear Whispers of Destiny as the main theme. We had previously only heard a short extract during the trailer released in July, but this time the full song has been uploaded! Enjoy this piece to end this article on a musical note.

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Bayonetta 3: previews, gameplay and a song – Switch-Actu

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