Song – Sheila releases several records and announces a tour for her 60-year career: “You always have to have plans”

What could be the song of your 60 years of career?
I could say Spacer, but there are so many songs that I liked to sing, like Take me away, Live better… There are so many things that correspond to a person’s life. Being in full light since I was 16, I have a career that everyone knows, my happiness as my misfortune. This is the key to the relationship I have with people.

That’s to say ?
I decided to share with the public my 60 years of career that I neither feel like I have in my head nor in my life. I even say to myself: “What the hell have I been doing all this time?” And then, it’s not 60 years of career, it’s 60 years of love with the public. Thank you Lord, thank you my parents for giving me excellent health. I maintain it too.

The album of all his emotions

This passing of time does not seem to be draining your energy. What’s your secret?
There is no secret. Age is given to you by others. To move forward in time happily, you have to have plans, no matter how old you are. Honestly, I haven’t seen my career go by, because I live forward, not backward. For me, there is nothing forbidden, and especially not age. I am against the word senior, I prefer that of major. He or she is the one who has done all his studies and comes out with his diplomas.

“The prohibitions, we create them ourselves”

You could “limit” yourself to resting on a beautiful mattress of success with best of. But you create all the time, with your group H-Taag, you will soon sing at Pleyel before going on tour again. Where does this desire to constantly reinvent yourself come from?
I hate routine, so I try. In reality, I am in competition with myself, saying to myself, “Am I going to be able to do this?” It is a constant questioning. You can always learn, always start something. The prohibitions, we create them ourselves.

Among the nuggets of your thematic anthology, there are your first records and remixes made by the most advanced DJs. An answer to those who want to classify you in the “has beens”?
It is my greatest pleasure, one of my finest rewards. Everyone dances to Spacer, to the original and the remixes. Nil Rodgers, creator of Spacer, said to me: “This song is going to survive us!” It’s out of time. How many artists can claim to have that? And seeing young people taking up my songs, like Saturday night, is really good!

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“I am proud to bring together four generations”

School is over is not your first song.
This is my first huge hit. But my first record was Sheila by Sheila, released on November 13, 1962. It was an adaptation of an American song which had also been covered by Lucky Blondo.

Without waiting for social networks, you are the target of heinous attacks and destructive rumours. Are there any traces of it, a song in your latest album, La Rumor?
Of course there are still traces, even if I have taken a step back. I would blame all my life for those who did this. This has damaged my family, my son, my friends so much… The day they bury me, there will always be a c… to spread a rumor about me!

1667135892 0 Song Sheila releases several records and announces a tour“With my latest album, I am proud to work with great authors and great composers.” Photo: Guillaume Malheiro

“I believe I was put on this earth to test the psychological resistance of a human being”

And despite all the insults, Sheila, still standing!
I believe I was put on this earth to test the psychological resistance of a human being. Also, I believe in reincarnation, in spirits. I may have a different approach: loved ones stay with me. It doesn’t take away the pain of absence, but my approach is different. We always come a little closer to serenity, to wisdom.

The #Meetoo movement has just celebrated its 5th anniversary. Is this a real step forward for the status of women?
I am a lifelong feminist; I fight for the equality of women in all professions, mine in particular. After all, I’m not against guys! They shouldn’t be castrated though. Long live Adam and Eve!

If you had to redo “the film upside down”, the title of your 80s, what sequence would you change?
The sequence of having been deprived of the stage for many years by my producer. I have long been “the playback singer”! Today, I have the happiness of living on stage, that’s what pays off, because the records are no longer sold. The show of my 60 years has good times in store for you. So come play together, come sing! We are going to party.

Sheila. Best Of (Warner). Four physical and digital editions: single CD and double black vinyl, etc. Concert at the Salle Pleyel, in Paris, on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 November. On tour throughout France. All dates on the usual platforms.

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Song – Sheila releases several records and announces a tour for her 60-year career: “You always have to have plans”

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