Well-being: take the path of joy with laughter yoga

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It all started when, at 5, Valérie Jarraud was already giving massages to those around her in Croatia, she recalls. But the initiatory journey really began in India, years later. “To date, this is the most unsettling trip of my life. There’s a completely amazing energy there. When you arrive with a gram of kindness, … Read more

Horoscope for Sunday January 8, 2023: great joy or little worries? – Here is

Free daily horoscope what does Thursday December 8 2022 have

It’s a beautiful calm Sunday that promises for some signs, while others will take the opportunity to continue their questioning. We tell you everything with today’s horoscope! Quiet and lazy Sunday for the natives of Taurus, Capricorn and many more signs! Joy and happiness or big doubts and little sadness? To find out, head for … Read more

Christmas Sunday meditation “celebration of peace and joy” – Vatican News

15 combinations of signs to form the perfect couple

The Jesuit Father Jean-Paul Savi introduces us to meditation with the texts of Christmas Sunday, the Nativity of the Lord Jesus. Readings: Is: 52.7-10; PS: 97 (98),1-6; He: 1.1-6; John: 1.1-18. “Today a Savior was born to you… He is the Messiah, the Lord“. This is the message that resounds today in our churches. It … Read more

Mary Carmen Jähnke, vegan cheesemaker at Jay & Joy

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Dilemma: How to continue to eat cheese, when we are convert to veganism ? It is to this difficult question that Mary Carmen Jähnke confronted herself, who, despite being a native of Venezuela, is nonetheless steeped in culture French. “France adopted me. I couldn’t live in cheese country without eating it! she shouts happily. So … Read more

The Handmaid’s Tale: 14 times Serena Joy Waterford was the worst person on earth | Pretty Reel

The Handmaids Tale 14 times Serena Joy Waterford was the

Although The Handmaid’s Tale focuses on Gilead and all the ways he hurts so many people, female characters play the lead role at almost every turn. Serena Joy Waterford is one of the most unique of them for the simple fact that this oppressive regime that denies women all their rights was enthusiastically embraced and … Read more

What does celebrating Erling Haaland mean? The truth about Manchester City’s serial goalscorer joy | Goal.com English

What does celebrating Erling Haaland mean The truth about Manchester

Goal brings you everything you need to know about the Norwegian striker’s famous pose and what it means. When you’re a striker who scores a lot of football goals, you tend to find yourself partying a lot. It used to be that society was perhaps less expressive – or at least less tolerant of overt … Read more

Biblical meditation: Believing in the middle of the night, in joy

What does the Labbe law say about the ban on

Sunday August 7, 2022, four texts will be read.First reading Book of Wisdom (Wis 18, 6-9).Psalm 32.Second reading Letter to the Hebrews (Heb 11, 1-2.8-19).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 12, 32,48). Luke 12, 32-48 At that time, Jesus said to his disciples:“Do not be afraid, little flock: your Fatherhas seen fit to give … Read more

Meditation for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Being missionaries of joy and peace – Vatican News

The horoscope of the week from July 1 to 7

Jesuit Father Flavien Zolabi presents us with a meditation with the readings of the 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time of liturgical year C. First reading: Is 66,10-14c Psalm: Ps 65 (66), 1-3a, 4-5, 6-7a, 16.20 Second reading: Gal 6,14-18 Gospel: Lk 10, 1-12. 17-20 Dear brothers and sisters, The texts that the liturgy offers us … Read more