Marouane El Abassi: Tunisia is paying dearly for the cost of inaction (Download the full presentation)

ITA Airways strengthens its Italy Algeria flight program

“The year 2023 will be complicated. The situation is very, very, very difficult, because of an economic situation exacerbated by the global recession. We must increase production and reach an agreement with the IMF is to get down to attracting FDI, to revive growth. The Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia, Marouane El Abassi, … Read more

Presentation of the Leonardo da Vinci promotion » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

ALTERMUNDI a first store in Bordeaux PACAs economic and

In a world where values, traditions and identities are violated. In a global society where everything is equal by virtue of subjectivity to the detriment of reason and objectivity, in a distorted whole, cut off from its roots in the name of fluidity and interchangeability, in an environment where the we promote stupidity and domesticity … Read more

Literature: Presentation of the book Payer le mal à installment (on Sade and Fourier) by Simone Debout

Literature Presentation of the book Payer le mal a installment

We will talk with Samuel Autexier (Quiero editions) and Emmanuel Loi (writer and art critic, author of more than thirty works in residence at Reillanne) about Simone Debout and of course Sade and Fourier, whom she presents in this delivers the decisive and so misunderstood contribution. Through the writing and the singular journey of these … Read more

Apex Legends: Catalyst, presentation and skills – Apex Legends – GAMEWAVE

Who is Catalyst? Tressa Crystal Smith is not for everyone. Elegant and reserved, she appreciates crystals more than she appreciates people. She grew up on Boreas, an unstable planet with a waning moon. Compliance and efficiency were the watchwords, but Tressa never bought into them. She was more comfortable with her marginal friends, with whom … Read more

Presentation and perception of witches through time

Presentation and perception of witches through time

And there were gossips sitting there, By one, by two, by three… Witches and wizards have long been depicted in different ways throughout history, sometimes wicked, evil, cruel, naughty, sinful or so benevolent, protective, divine, warm in communion with nature or even adolescent icon. What we want in this article is to show … Read more