THE HANDMAID’S TALE (Review Season 5 Episodes 1×01 – 1×02) As fascinating as ever…

THE HANDMAIDS TALE Review Season 5 Episodes 1×01 – 1×02

ATTENTION SPOILERS : Cet article révèle certains rebondissements et nous vous conseillons sa lecture après visionnage SYNOPSIS: In a dystopian and totalitarian society with a very low birth rate, women are divided into three categories: Wives, who dominate the house, Marthas, who maintain it, and Servants, whose role … Read more

Art Facing the Sun from Ancient Egypt to Monet: History and Symbolism of a Fascinating Star | Knowledge of the Arts

1662730426 Art Facing the Sun from Ancient Egypt to Monet History

The sun at the museum! The theme is royal, immense! Because for millennia, the visual arts have had as their object, directly or indirectly, the representation of things as revealed by light. The sun is evoked as soon as a figure is traced with its shadow… But what about the representation of the star itself? … Read more