THE HANDMAID’S TALE (Review Season 5 Episodes 1×01 – 1×02) As fascinating as ever…

THE HANDMAIDS TALE Review Season 5 Episodes 1×01 – 1×02


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SYNOPSIS: In a dystopian and totalitarian society with a very low birth rate, women are divided into three categories: Wives, who dominate the house, Marthas, who maintain it, and Servants, whose role is reproduction.

End of season 4, we had left June in full pack killer mood, for an execution of Fred Waterford, a barbaric assassination of the worst of barbarism, in a scene as dreamlike as it is horrific that spins the hairs well. All the ferocity of the accumulated rage was expressed there, and revenge sounded with the bloody V more than ever redeeming. Law of retaliation, curing absolute evil by its equivalent, and all those inexorable and tireless moral questions that we constantly ask The Handmaid’s Tale, and which precisely creates this fascination for this series of the extreme. We can be firmly opposed to the death penalty and rejoice jubilantly in this finale… In short, a crazy cliffhanger worthy of its reputation. Back to Gilead, the radio noises of horrible officers and the barking of their no less horrible dogs. These sounds are indeed all the crazy music in this series. Some ” under his eye “, and ” blessed be the fruit” later, which again plunges us entirely into this serial treasure, and we find the very recent widow,Serena Waterford in a prenatal yoga session, always with this penetrating and subdued light, which makes us adept and magnetizes the whole room where you watch the series. Ah yes, in fact, Miss Waterfordyour husband is dead, we are taking you elsewhere… How not to remember the atrocities experienced by Junehis kidnapping, the rapes, his kidnapped child, the beatings, the daily humiliations, and to say to himself that Serena looked for it… However, it’s still a bit hot for the bereaved demonic wife and finally this series, that’s just it… The screenwriters come to look for us on the field of morality, and it’s is tense… Especially since the new macabre girl power is armed to the teeth like serial killers among serial killers.

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In this regard, and on this new season, the showrunner Bruce Miller cowardly : ” There are two possibilities open to June now: does she want to continue to dismantle Gilead, to answer for the harm he has done to her? Or does she want to move on, stop being Offred and just be June? We will see that it is not so easy to leave this past behind…It is also the return of deadly irony because the assassination of Fredwill cost June, at least on the territory of Canada, 88 dollars !!! The Canadian authorities will even wish a good day to June, advising him to pay his fine online. We’ll let you find out how and why. Episode 1 named Morning of this season 5 is in the vein of the customary perpetual intensity of the series. The bases of the confrontation between June and Serena are clearly posed, and in view of the few followers that the clan Waterford manages to generate, even outside Gilead, because we know there are enlightened people everywhere, it’s a crazy parable between two Americas, between two worlds, with identity fractures that we also know on our old continent . In short, it’s heavy, big, very strong and it will still make us totally addicted to our Mondays, and inevitably we are happy.

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Episode 2 Ballet will focus more on other key characters in the series, since we will notably accompany Serena in Gilead, between repulsion and attraction, so that we take back our total addiction. We will thus see the return of the ambiguities of the Commander lawrence with its fantasy over the shoulder; The irresistible rise of Nick and his plots in the evening, like a ninja of cerebrality; The delirious sermons of this damned and indestructible Aunt Lydia; The disturbing plot around the touching Jane in Gilead. And then there is one that becomes very central. At least, we guess the intention to make it more and more essential, namely Mark Tuellowhich, if it means to June that she clearly did well to slaughter Fredstill seems fascinated by what embodies Serena. One of the many sub-plots that does not lack spice. Serena in black, mourning, but also the maleficent, who is trying in her promised land by burying her horror of a husband, to regain a little of her former glory and splendor in a funeral a little too grandiose for the villain that it was, but visually so colorful and powerful. In parallel, June in white, which tries to relive, to forget and to move on, witnessing a magnificently dreamlike and poetic ballet, trying to reconstruct with Luke their passionate love from the beginning.

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Without telling us about it, the staging surreptitiously sets up the duel for the moment at a distance in the last masterful and furiously sublime images of episode 2. We take full eyes and emotions are overdrive. We understand that June will never be at peace, Serena not being far from scoring the first point in this fierce fight between these two women who are opposed by everything. The last images of episode 2 are of an incredible presence, of a crazy light, with a tension totally at the height of a start to the season, not to be missed. The Handmaid’s Tail, it starts very strong and very high, which sometimes annoys and tires us in this series paradoxically succeeds in always taking us and surprising us. Here we go again, and “God”, it’s good to be under the eye of The Handmaid’s Taleseason 5.

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THE HANDMAID’S TALE (Review Season 5 Episodes 1×01 – 1×02) As fascinating as ever…

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