The 12 laws for creating a positive environment

To adopt positive thinking on a daily basis, you must start by creating an equally positive environment by keeping negative energies and people away on the one hand, but also by infusing this environment with doses of anticipation and hindsight. This is detailed by Laurence Arpi, a business coach specializing in personal development, in her latest book*.

Through a 6-step journey, the expert in positive thinking explains (among other things) how to create a positive environment, which will also then allow you to “live for real”.

12 Laws of a Positive Environment

  • Law #1: To Attract Positive, Send Positive

This is the principle of the virtuous circle: the more you radiate, the more your entourage makes you feel good. “A person filled with optimism about their dreams, who believes in themselves, who is serene and joyful […] is simply attractive. We want to be in contact with him and talk to him,” writes Laurence Arpi.

  • Law #2: Go to those who have succeeded in the field where you want to succeed

As with Law #1, the virtuous circle of success requires reaching out to people who have been successful in the area where you yourself would like to be successful. “By contagionour brain imitates and absorbs the attitudes and skills of those we meet the most”, can we read in the book by Laurence Arpi.

Thus, to develop your creativity, rub shoulders with artists and to “learn to be rich, go to those who have succeeded financially”.

  • Law #3: Overcome all jealousy through imitation

They’re in their jacuzzi, are you jealous? Stop everything! “Envying those who have succeeded – even criticizing them out of spite – does not help to create success”, explains Laurence Arpi. “Imitating them is a much better choice,” she adds. A person who fascinates you actually reveals your potential and the prisms of your intelligence and talent. So instead of criticizing, learn from your mentors!

  • Law #4: Replace Blame with Understanding

Once the jealousy is overcome, it is also necessary to stop the reproaches. However, we generally blame the other for the fault that we do not want to see in ourselves. The best thing is to try to put yourself in the place of the other to try to understand him.

  • Law #5: Agree to sort out your relationships

Over time, everything goes, even our friendships. To continue this creation of a positive environment, one must learn to “let go” of one’s old relationships (without, however, shutting oneself up in silence). “If you keep too many old relationships, you will no longer have room to welcome those who correspond to you today and who are in phase with your plans for change”, explains Laurence Arpi.

  • Law n°6: Be open to encounter

The logical next step after learning to let go of old relationships is to learn to open up to other encounters. “Meeting new people is a sign that you are evolving and just as it is important to know how to let go of the old ones, it is important to know how to welcome the new ones”, explains the expert.

  • Law #7: Surround yourself with good people…for you

Another key to creating a conducive and positive environment is to grant yourself the right to choose those around you. “A good person for you is a person who energizes you”, writes Laurence Arpi. Before adding: “You feel that the current is flowing, she understands you, the dialogue is fluid, the laughs are easy … or else she inspires you and fills you with enthusiasm to move forward”.

  • Law #8: Be Clear About What You Want

“Setting limits before they are exceeded avoids many conflicts and misunderstandings”, asserts Laurence Arpi for her 8th piece of advice for creating a positive environment. It is indeed important to know your own limits so as never to suffer the actions of others.

  • Law #9: Be grateful

Expressing your feelings and your gratitude to those around you is a way to convey positivity around you. To help you, Laurence Arpi advises to draw up each evening “a list of people for whom you feel grateful for what they have brought you during the day”.

  • Law #10: Filter out (bad) news

Another way to surround yourself with a positive environment? Filter the media and their pushes filled (sometimes) with bad news, without cutting you off from the world. The ideal is to strike a balance.

  • Law n°11: Choose the best places to live

In parallel with the “sanitation” of your surroundings, you must also favor living spaces where you feel good. “Choose places to live, walk, travel that resonate with the positive sensations of your ideal life, and run away from others”, recommends Laurence Arpi.

  • Law #12: Always be ready for action

Twelfth and last point to create a positive environment and illuminate your life? Feel ready: ready to start, ready to move and ready to step out of your comfort zone. “The road to success is often exotic,” concludes the author.

*For further : “Live for real, everything school didn’t teach you to be happy and successful, Laurence Arpi. Ed. Eyrolles, 18 euros

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The 12 laws for creating a positive environment

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