Feng shui bedroom color in 2023: how to bring auspiciousness to your home and balance energy flows

Feng shui bedroom color in 2023 how to bring auspiciousness

Good for some, bad for others, the year 2022 slips away from the calendar and hope settles there with the year of the Water Rabbit which is an auspicious sign. Against a material world is opposed the tendency towards a harmonious life. In seeking the spiritual calm which is the key to success in all … Read more

Quiz: choose your favorite color, we’ll tell you in which anime universe you would reincarnate

Quiz choose your favorite color well tell you in which

Published on September 16, 2022 10:40 a.m. By Flavie Piet You probably know the genre “Isekai” which means “other world”! In these stories, the hero finds himself thrown (for example after reincarnation or a connection to a game) into another world. And if you were reincarnated, in which anime universe would you fall? Balance your … Read more

The Green Candle: Meaning Of This Candle Color

The Green Candle Meaning Of This Candle Color

The green candle has a very positive meaning. It symbolizes abundance, self-confidence and wealth. This candle also symbolizes nature, harmony and the spiritual connection of earth and plant energies. Green candles and their meaning Green colored candles must probably have meanings that you might be interested in. This candle color is related to the qualities … Read more

“I will try to bring a new color”: Augustin Trapenard takes the reins of La Grande bookstore on France 5 (Interview)

Why walking is a good exercise to lose weight

Augustin Trapenard does not have his tongue in his pocket. The host specializing in cultural programs was thus very moved during the last of his show Boomerang, on France Inter. For him, this show was just “all his life“. At the microphone of Jordan de Luxe on his show At Jordan’s, Augustin Trapenard had mentioned … Read more