🌼 What does the “Labbé” law say about the ban on pesticides in private and public green spaces?

What does the Labbe law say about the ban on

After the ban on pesticides for local authorities and individuals, the last stage of the “Labbé” law concerns green space professionals. The use of pesticides is now prohibited in all green spaces, regardless of the actor who manages it. Law No. 2014-110, known as “LABBÉ” law of February 6, 2014, oversees the use of phytosanitary … Read more

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On Friday, June 17 at midnight, Drake decided to drop his new album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” and hip-hop music lovers have a lot to say about it. This unexpected release includes 14 new songs, some of which leave fans a bit puzzled. What about “Texts Go Green”? Here is the meaning of the title and lyrics … Read more

Red, Yellow, Green: Bob Marley Forever (Portrait)

AA/Tunis/Majdi Ismail Not black enough, not too white, a mestizo. Suffice to say that the skin color of Robert Nesta Marley, says Bob Marley, predestined him to a split habitus, to become a class defector, to be the voice of the voiceless, that of the vanquished that resonates in the heart of white power. Worthy … Read more