“I will try to bring a new color”: Augustin Trapenard takes the reins of La Grande bookstore on France 5 (Interview)

Augustin Trapenard does not have his tongue in his pocket. The host specializing in cultural programs was thus very moved during the last of his show Boomerang, on France Inter. For him, this show was just “all his life“. At the microphone of Jordan de Luxe on his show At Jordan’s, Augustin Trapenard had mentioned his particularly complicated interview with the singer Brigitte Fontaine. He also returned to his many tattoos and detailed their meaning. This evening, at 9 p.m., he takes the reins of the cult literary program of France 5: The large bookstore. He knows that by taking over from Francois Busnel, it is rather expected at the turn: “If an interview is missed, it’s always my fault”. To accompany this new season of the show, Augustin Trapenard confided in Télé Loisirs.

Replacing François Busnel, who created La Grande Librairie and embodied it for fourteen years, is it a real challenge?

It is also an honor! I’m apprehensive, but I’m also excited. François called me very late, two weeks before the end of my Boomerang program on France Inter. When he asked me to replace him, I gave him a gigantic “yes”. The tradition of the literary program on set, with Bernard Pivot, is what made me want to do this job.

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How are you going to work with him, who remains the show’s producer?

One of the conditions of my arrival was to have total freedom from the editorial point of view, from the programming point of view. With François by my side, it’s the assurance of maintaining the spirit of this literary program broadcast in prime time. An exception in the media field!

Augustin Trapenard:One of the conditions of my arrival was to have total freedom

How are you going to put your stamp on this well-established meeting?

I will try to bring a new color. I’ve been doing this job for fifteen years, I’m no longer a partridge of the year! I want a program focused on eclecticism, exchange between guests, passion and transmission. There may be new sequences, movements off the set. Everything is possible.

Is interviewing a writer a special exercise?

The writer is a creator. What he produces as discourse and in his work is his mirror. There is no good or bad client: if the interview fails, it’s always my fault.

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Augustin Trapenard:Neither I nor the writer are booksellers

How to get out of the promotional game?

The term “promotional” bothers me a bit. Neither I nor the writer are booksellers. I will be happy if the show is prescriptive, but my goal is to make a good show, with thought, emotion. In my wildest dreams, there will be something out of the news, as has already happened in La Grande Librairie.

What about the guests for this first issue?

Virginie Despentes, who is coming out Cher asshole, is making her first television appearance with us. There will also be Laurent Gaudé, a sensitive novelist with flamboyant writing. He will be accompanied by Lola Lafon, whom I love very much. I will try as much as possible to give a voice to young authors, which is why I also invited Blandine Rinkel, for her book Vers la violence.

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“I will try to bring a new color”: Augustin Trapenard takes the reins of La Grande bookstore on France 5 (Interview)

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