The Green Candle: Meaning Of This Candle Color

The green candle has a very positive meaning. It symbolizes abundance, self-confidence and wealth. This candle also symbolizes nature, harmony and the spiritual connection of earth and plant energies.

Green candles and their meaning

green candles

Green colored candles must probably have meanings that you might be interested in. This candle color is related to the qualities of Venus. Although we usually associate Venus with love, she also rules fertility and abundance. So that’s why she oversees candle magic for money or prosperity related spells.

If you are looking to have more money, improve your luck or your privacy and make the situation more fertile, burn a green candle. If you work with the chakras, the green candle is said to help open or unblock the heart chakra. In addition to invoking love and hope, they help us relax and stimulate the spirit. They are synonymous with positivism and rejuvenation. It represents the earth element.

The green candle also influences other aspects of life, such as justice, youth, friendships and treasures. You can also use it if you feel out of control or can’t control your anger.

What is the spiritual meaning of a green candle?

As stated before, green candles are the symbol of money, wealth, fertility, prosperity, nature and success.

dark green candle

Followers burn the dark green candles to connect with nature. To create your own candle, you need to use some paraffin wax. However, if you want to be all natural, use soy candles or plant nectar to get the natural aroma and color of henna to make dark green candles.

The light green candle

Normally this candle is light green and parrot in color. People burn them to connect with angels and archangels, most notably Archangel Raphael. The latter guides his faithful, brings comfort and abundance. They also repel evil spirits. You can make your candle out of soy and use chlorophyll or green tea powder to get a light green color in your candles.

The seven-day green candle

Humans used the green candles in rituals where people burn them for seven days each. It can be a spell to attract money, health or a newborn baby.

The Seven Day Health Ritual

Here are the steps to perform a seven-day ritual with a green candle for health:

Burn the word health on the green candle with a sharp needle or other sharp instrument. You need to clean the sharp needle before burning the word health. Sanctify the candle with lavender oil. Burn the candle and repeat three times: What is sick in me can leave. Repeat the ritual for seven days and always at the same time. You must have confidence in yourself to perform this ritual as it can sometimes take a long time.

When should you burn the green candle?

lit green candles

You must burn your green candle on Friday because it is the day of the goddess Venus. Its energy is not like that of its brother Mars, Jupiter or Saturn. She is receptive and inviting. On the other hand, others can sometimes bring negative influences. In the Tarot world, Venus is represented by the Empress card in the major arcana.

So this also means that spells with green candles are likely to unfold a bit slower than spells done with red colored candles. If it is to increase your level of abundance, luck or prosperity that you light one, you will have to be patient and let the magic work.

You can use a green candle to help reduce jealousy, get lucky, help with success, growth, renewal, and working with nature. Green spells are not like black magic, they can help with reconciliation, affection and fidelity. These types of rituals are more or less related to white magic.

The meaning of candle colors

colored candles

The meanings of different candle colors can mean many things like good fortune, well-being, new beginnings or psychic powers. For more information on the subject, read the next paragraphs.

red candles

A red candle can be used for multiple reasons. However, red is connected to passion, lust and energy. This candle is also excellent for attracting material. If any of these examples is your goal, a red candle can help materialize and make your dreams come true.

The orange candle

Orange is the color of creation. So, it’s an ideal candle for stimulating creativity, as well as for releasing anger and frustration, and embracing the feminine designer that is in all of us. An orange-colored candle can also be used to call on new relationships, such as friendships that have deep emotional ties, and also to heal the hurt of the mother.

The yellow colored candle

The yellow candle, as you may have imagined, is very stimulating. For this reason, it is excellent for appealing to concentration, as well as for working on the inner child and accepting its imperfections. It can also help you accept the duality of the world because duality comes from the mind, and yellow will help you work with your mind.

The green candle

When we think green, we think growth. So if you’re looking to improve, this is a good candle color to consider. The color green is normally associated with silver.

light blue candle

Two-frequency light blue. One is acceptance and the other is truth. If you work with one or the other, find it difficult to come to terms with a situation, or want to access the truth, a light blue candle is a good option.

The indigo candle

Indigo, characterized by its dark blue, almost violet hue, is about intuition and breaking with illusion. It is also a frequency for opening new doors to uplift the world in a different way, or looking at the world in a different way. To use an indigo candle is to appeal to your spirit guides. She often has a connection to telepathy or sensitivity to pets.

The purple candle

True purple, unlike indigo, is going to be ideal for accessing the dream world, and specifically, vivid dreams. If you’re looking to explore dreams, or even access a clearing frequency, purple is excellent. It is also a good color for accessing intuition.

The pink colored candle

red candle

If you are looking for love, pink is the candle to go for. She adds that pink is better than red when it comes to true love, as red connotes more physical love or lust. But a pink candle calls for a pure connection, so it really depends on the type of lover you’re looking for right now.

The black candle

The color black is associated with protection, and this is also true for black candles. They should not be used all the time, but rather used for a while to protect yourself against negative energies. Then you can let them go, releasing the unhealthy energy. Black candles are also used to destroy negative habits and patterns.

The white candle

White candles are ideal for new beginnings and new beginnings. They are perfect for repelling the evil spirit in your home. After you cleanse your abode, you can light new white candles to uplift and hold this cleansed energy. White is also a good color to promote peace and quiet.

The golden candle

If you are looking for a high vibrational frequency, consider adding a gold candle to your collection. This candle really can be used for a variety of purposes, as it will help amplify your intention, whatever that may be. You can pair the gold candles with candles of other colors to amp things up.

The gray candle

Silver is known as the symbol of the Moon, psychic receptivity, dreaming, love, rest and healing. For Wiccan rituals, the gray candle can be a representation of the goddess Venus.

The brown candle

Brown is an earthy color and strongly rooted in the ground. A brown candle helps to have clear ideas and to make decisions. It promotes concentration, intuition, material gains, wealth, common sense and stability. It also encourages intuition and telepathic abilities. Some witches use brown for manifestation magick and connection with the animal kingdom.

The final word

You have discovered that the green candle has a very interesting meaning. Excluding the uses mentioned above, know that you can also use it to relieve stress, ward off the evil eye, manage impatience or resentment. As it is a fairy color, it is incredibly effective in rituals and luck spells. The green candle is ideal in combination with brown, to speak with the spirits of nature.

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The Green Candle: Meaning Of This Candle Color

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