Feng shui bedroom color in 2023: how to bring auspiciousness to your home and balance energy flows

Good for some, bad for others, the year 2022 slips away from the calendar and hope settles there with the year of the Water Rabbit which is an auspicious sign. Against a material world is opposed the tendency towards a harmonious life. In seeking the spiritual calm which is the key to success in all fields, one resorts to the principles of Eastern philosophies, including Feng Shui. Combining visible or subtle energies to harmoniously arrange our homes is the goal of many. What feng shui bedroom color in 2023 will have a beneficial influence on all aspects of our daily lives? Let’s try to draw a picture!

Feng shui bedroom color in 2023: what are the colors of the Water Rabbit

Me, personally, I think the new year knocking on the door will be better because the rabbit is a cute, innocent and non-aggressive beast. At the same time, water symbolizes purification and it is meant to wash away dirt as a general term in our lives. On the one hand, follow the golden rules offeng shui bedroom layout can ensure calm and restful sleep. On the other hand, using the expressiveness of the colors of the five elements of the doctrine (fire, earth, metal, water and wood), can attract happiness and luck to a house. It is obvious that the feng shui bedroom color in 2023 must be linked to the Water Rabbit and what it symbolizes.

Next year, white, blue, green and black will be considered lucky charms. In addition, their combination with yellow or beige bodes well. In the Philippines, for example, we are about to bet on azure blue. If you want to buy new clothes, accessories (wallet, scarf, gloves) or renovate your home or office, you may want to invest in this color.

What will the Water element bring to you and your home?

feng shui bedroom color in 2023 expressiveness hues abundance peace calm lightness purity freshness

I remember everything I read about water: abundance, peace, calm, lightness, purity, freshness. Water has a memory and is associated with wisdom, social life and career. This element helps us connect with others and also, it can deepen our insight, understanding and intuition. In a nutshell, water can be expected to drain bad energy flows to start everything over from a clean sheet. The colors that water evokes in our consciousness are white and blue. So, it makes sense that the feng shui bedroom color in 2023 is Blue. This shade in its lightest shade brings positivity and joy. In addition, blue is associated with success at all levels. Besides this hue, you can also choose white or yellow, as it seems that these will bring feasible opportunities in your way.

Feng Shui bedroom color blue and its shades

what color for a bedroom feng shui blue shades improve relationships increase intuition

To start the new year on the right foot, connoisseurs of the Feng Shui doctrine recommend involving blue, green and black in clothing and interior decoration, which promises to increase social ties or improve life. ‘intuition.

Although blue and black are considered dark and overpowering colors in some areas, they can also be beautiful and impactful if used on small spaces (a wall, sofa, picture frames, paintings, pillows).

To bring luck to the whole year 2023, add green, yellow and red in the New Year’s Eve decorations. On the other hand, the meaning of colors is often different in different parts of the world.

Black for example, as it is associated with the Fire element, is not recommended in the south, and should be used sparingly in the bedroom. A good arrangement will be if black is present either in the furniture or in various accessories, such as photo frames or mirror frames.

Blue corresponds to clear skies, being connected to clean, healing water. Vivid blue tones express harmony and compassion, while dark blue hues imbue the atmosphere with calm and serenity.

what color for a feng shui bedroom blue shades welcome restful sleep

Dark blue is enhanced when used with other colors in the south, northwest, and west, and individually in the north, east, and southeast. Blue hues are welcome in the bedroom for a more restful sleep, and in the living room if you have a large, restless family.

As for green, it can be there constantly, not only in 2023. green plants in a room convey the good energy.

Balance and Chi energy are represented by white. It symbolizes innocence, spirituality and stimulates creativity. If combined with earth elements, it can create a welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom. It is a recommended color if you want to relax. However, it is better not to opt for pure white, as it can be tiring. Use softer, neutral shades.

What stone color in a bedroom for 2023?

bedroom feng shui lucky stone color chromatic combinations

In Feng Shui, one of the best color combinations involves blue and white. This explains why aquamarine (aquamarine) is a lucky charm during the year of the Water Rabbit. This light blue crystal can encourage a person to confess the truth and has a very effective effect in reconciling and harmonizing human relations. Once used to ward off evil spirits, aquamarine helps ward off fear and promote relaxation. It encourages inspiration, peace, calm and love. Install the mineral in your little haven as a feng shui bedroom color in 2023.

If you want to increase your chances in almost any area, draw on the strength of tourmaline combined with quartz. These lucky stones ward off all negative energies and influence fortune in your life. Like all other lucky stones, quartz of this type must be recharged in natural light, and purified in demineralized water.

bedroom feng shui color white crystals peaceful sleep protective force

According to followers of feng shui, the lucky white stone in 2023 will be white, colorless or silver quartz. It will offer inner peace and protective strength. In addition, crystals are beneficial for those who want to improve family relationships.

Women wearing white or colorless crystal become more warm and attractive, while men become more understanding.

Add to this that white crystals ensure peaceful sleep, discover the sources of negative energies and chase them away, protect against illnesses, dark thoughts, depression and suffering from unrequited love.

Amazonite is a green-turquoise gemstone with white layers, known as the Stone of Hope. It can help you eliminate dark thoughts and allow you to focus on achieving your goals and dreams.

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Feng shui bedroom color in 2023: how to bring auspiciousness to your home and balance energy flows

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