French language: if the “national awakening” worked, we would know…

French language if the national awakening worked we would know

The observation does not lie. Whatever the indicator – mother tongue, spoken at home, at work, etc. –, the French are losing their feathers. Yellow lights had been on for a long time, however. • Read also – Decline of French: Roberge calls for “a national awakening” of Quebecers The problem is that immediately after … Read more

Awakening of the Witches by Yuna Visentin

Awakening of the Witches by Yuna Visentin

Hila: Awakening of the Witchesan ecofeminist fantasy novel by the author Yuna Visentin, takes you to discover the country of Scaër and the magic of the forest. Published at Kiwi editionsthis fascinating story deals with female emancipation against a background of witchcraft. After considering “the possibility of a school” and proposing to repair the damage … Read more

Latcho Drom Yoga: Tailor-made, turnkey trips geared towards spiritual awakening

Latcho Drom Yoga Tailor made turnkey trips geared towards spiritual awakening scaled

Beyond the trip, it’s a real experience in places that tell a story, and are part of a environmental approachwith some passionate speakersand at the discovery of confidential addresses. Justine Milesi – Latcho Drom© The Latcho Drom Yoga trips are places to discover, a culture to soak up, stories to experience. Tour guide in Indiathen … Read more

Meaux: we tested the soft gym, a muscular awakening at the Museum of the Great War

Meaux we tested the soft gym a muscular awakening at

By Writing Meaux Published on 9 Aug 22 at 17:20 The Marne See my news Follow this media As part of “Meaux in great shape”, the forecourt of the Museum of the Great War hosts “body well-being” classes on Sunday mornings. ©The Marne Summer is the season for barbecues, aperitifs with friends, ice creams by … Read more