Latcho Drom Yoga: Tailor-made, turnkey trips geared towards spiritual awakening

Beyond the trip, it’s a real experience in places that tell a story, and are part of a environmental approachwith some passionate speakersand at the discovery of confidential addresses.

Justine Milesi – Latcho Drom©

The Latcho Drom Yoga trips are places to discover, a culture to soak up, stories to experience.
Tour guide in Indiathen responsible for the production of high-end tailor-made trips for the Voyageurs du Monde agency, Justine decided to complete her own journey by becoming a teacher of Yoga. With 200 hours of complete training, it incorporates yoga and holistic practices and creative ways to explore the local environment.
Thanks to this complete background and a deep intuition, Justine Milesi is launching this successful offer combining travel, discovery, culture and connection to self.

The values ​​of Latcho Drom

Hand sewn : Latcho Drom Yoga journeys are hand-sewn and facilitated at each stage: everything is included (meals, activities, outings, etc.) in order to settle down with confidence and allow oneself to let go, explore and contemplative stroll.

Helene Gadoury - Latcho Drom
Helene Gadoury – Latcho Drom©

Freedom : Latcho Drom Yoga, in the world of Bohemia, it means “good road” or even “bon voyage”. A way to pay homage to these free spirits, on the move, who are inspired by what surrounds them.
Immersion : Latcho Drom Yoga trips are immersions in cultural and natural places. They are carefully chosen for their story consistent with the theme of the trip and the speaker who accompanies it. These trips include the territory and local actors in order to discover all its facets for a human and authentic experience.

Latcho Drom breakaways in Arles
Breakaway Arles 2021 – Latcho Drom ©

Beauty : Latcho Drom Yoga trips are experiences where beauty has its place. Sensoriality and wonder are at the heart of travel.
Holistic : Latcho Drom Yoga trips are spaces for practice and holistic discoveries associating culture and well-being, in particular through yoga in its philosophy: “yoga” meaning “union”.

The different formats: Stopovers, Getaways & Evasion

The Latcho Drom Yoga travel concept offers 3 tailor-made travel formulasover a longer or shorter period, during which the spotlight is given to letting go, to discovery and to human and spiritual encounters.
The capacities of reception vary according to the places but the groups never exceed 12 participants thus prioritizing exclusivity, quality and exchanges.


The stopover is an experience of a daytimedestined for an elsewhere, an invitation to travel under a traveling format. The transmission of a culture through a local well-being ritual, the yoga,
but also thanks to its cultural, culinary and musical heritage.

Justine Milesi - Latcho Drom
Justine Milesi – Latcho Drom©


The breakaway is a trip to France of A few days exploring a city or region associated with yoga and other holistic or creative practices. It is also the ideal invitation to discover their favorite addresses and local contributors.


Escape is an itinerant journey of at least 1 week beyond the borders of France. It is a weaving between discovery of the classics, privileged encounters, practice of yoga and spiritual rituals and well-being and culinary breaks in unexpected places.

Helene Gadoury Latcho Drom Yoga
Helene Gadoury – Latcho Drom Yoga ©

The choice of destinations offered is made in line with field expertise in order to offer a trip in which you can completely abandon yourself to discovery. Trips include
a maximum benefits for a complete immersion where the addresses are carefully selected.

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Latcho Drom Yoga: Tailor-made, turnkey trips geared towards spiritual awakening

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