Meaux: we tested the soft gym, a muscular awakening at the Museum of the Great War

As part of “Meaux in great shape”, the forecourt of the Museum of the Great War hosts “body well-being” classes on Sunday mornings. ©The Marne

Summer is the season for barbecues, aperitifs with friends, ice creams by the water… And to eliminate small excesses, nothing better than practicing sport on a regular basis!

This is why, during the summer period and until September 12, the sports department of the city of Meaux ( Seine et Marne ) organizes, every Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., sessions of sports activities such as zumba, body attack, piloxing, cross-country, yoga, paddle… and this, in different places in the city. And so that these sessions benefit everyone, they are free!

My first pilates – yoga – stretching class

On this occasion, on Sunday August 7, I went to the Museum of the Great War to test myself on a body wellness course as Christine Aliquot, the sports educator who leads this hour and a half session, has so rightly indicated. On the program: pilates, stretching and yoga.

When I arrive opposite the museum, I am pleasantly surprised by the setting where our sports course will take place: a large square under the museum, half shade, half sun, adjoining a huge wooded park overlooking the city and what’s more, this morning the sun is out. you.

I install my floor mat and take out my water bottle and my towel: the only 3 things required to participate in the course.

A few people are already in place. In all, we are about twenty participants, and especially female participants: only two men will benefit from the course with us.

It begins with various warm-ups in order to “wake up our muscles” as Christine explains. The atmosphere is calm and rather studious. Everyone focuses on themselves: their postures, their breathing, their energies.

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I lend myself to the game and find myself imagining “invisible threads” stretching my body from head to toe. I let myself be guided by the way of our teacher who dictates our every move. She does not hesitate to make them herself to serve as a model. Then, she moves among the studentsto help us find the right posture.

Also, it adapts to each of us. Indeed, the course is accessible to allthere are, in the group, several beginners, who did not hesitate to let it be known at the beginning of the session, but also regulars for whom yoga no longer holds any secrets.

The benefits of gentle gymnastics

During the session, I learn different poses : the dog upside down, the boat, the elongated twist, the triangle… I who am not a great sportsman, the gentle gym allows me not to attack my joints. However, I sweat, I am out of breath, my legs and forearms tremble during certain exercises. I learn to listen to my body and control my breathing.

Contrary to what one might think, gentle gymnastics is a sport in its own right. It has many benefits. It allows to strengthen the muscles in depth, more particularly those of the stomach and the back, it helps to work the balance, the coordination and the elasticity of the body. It relieves back pain, helps to sculpt the silhouette and many other things.

I feel that my body is working and even if I know that I will have aches tomorrow, I am satisfied. It gives me a feeling of well-being at the end of the course.

If you want to try your hand at the next sessions, find the whole program of “Meaux in great shape” on the site

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Meaux: we tested the soft gym, a muscular awakening at the Museum of the Great War

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