Discover the secrets and powers of numbers in numerology to better manage your life

1674580611 Discover the secrets and powers of numbers in numerology to

What is Numerology? Introducing numerology, that is, studying the numbers that determine our lives, can prove to be very beneficial. Indeed, this type of analysis can provide us with information about our future and our destiny, but also give us clues about our personality and draw up its numerological profile. That is why it is … Read more

Shapely buttocks, toned legs, …, one of the powers of yoga

Shapely buttocks toned legs … one of the powers of

Freepik picture Yoga is often associated with an activity that balances the mind, but its physical benefits are underestimated. It is ideal for working the whole body, yoga can also be a great toning tool if the right areas are targeted. There are a number of poses that aim to tone the thighs and sculpt … Read more

The Chainsaw Man’s Powers, Reincarnation And Afterlife Explained

Chainsaw Devil might be the strongest devil in the Chainsaw Man universe, striking fear into the hearts of almost every devil, including the Control Devil himself. The original Chainsaw Devil incarnation, Pochita, was also referred to as Chainsaw Man in Hell. Chainsaw Man embodied fear of chainsaws and slaying other demons. Denji can be considered … Read more


The Africa of received ideas is full of aphorisms which should be debunked. Whether they are the product of colonial libations or apocryphal sayings, none really corresponds to reality but all have the value of a sentence for those – politicians, journalists, “developers” – who, once they have stated them, think they have explained everything. … Read more