The Chainsaw Man’s Powers, Reincarnation And Afterlife Explained

Chainsaw Devil might be the strongest devil in the Chainsaw Man universe, striking fear into the hearts of almost every devil, including the Control Devil himself.

The original Chainsaw Devil incarnation, Pochita, was also referred to as Chainsaw Man in Hell. Chainsaw Man embodied fear of chainsaws and slaying other demons.

Denji can be considered the original reincarnation of Chainsaw Man, since he is the only person contracted by the Chainsaw Devil.

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Along with possessing the standard devilish powers that allowed him to form contracts and reincarnate, Chainsaw Man also wields the power to erase the existence of a devil from the minds of all creatures and destroy their existence. physical. However, Chainsaw Man’s list of powers doesn’t end there.

Check out the endless list of powers Chainsaw Devil uses in this article to crush anyone who dares get in his way!

This page contains Chainsaw Man spoilers.

What are Chainsaw Man’s abilities?

Chainsaw Man has the ability to erase a devil’s conceptual and physical existence from the world. Additionally, he can pull chainsaws out of his legs, hands, and head to injure and kill his opponents.

Here is a list of all his abilities.

Chainsaw Man is the only devil capable of slaying demons and completely erasing that particular devil’s existence from the minds of others. The name of this devil is disappearing from the consciousness of the masses. These demons also cannot reincarnate in Hell.

For example, the War Devil mentions that the Chainsaw Devil had consumed the Nuclear Weapons Devil, which is why no one seems to remember or know what nuclear weapons are.

This fearsome ability of Chainsaw Man caused the other demons to grant him the title of “The Devil Demons Fear Most”.

Chainsaw Man's Powers And Reincarnation Explained

Chainsaw Devil attacks demons | Source: Fandom

For combat, Chainsaw Man primarily uses his chainsaw appendages on his head and arms. These chainsaws work the same way as real chainsaws.

A cord must be pulled to activate them. He must transform into a full-fledged devil to use the chainsaw appendages on his arm.

The chains of these chainsaws can be detached to be used as individual chains. These chains can wrap around multiple opponents to hold them down or to move the captives in a particular direction. Chainsaw Devil can use these chains to move quickly by also clinging to buildings.

Chainsaw Man's Powers And Reincarnation Explained

Chainsaw Man Attacks Hybrids With His Disconnected Chainsaws | Source: Fandom

As a full-fledged devil, Pochita can regenerate his entire body from his heart without using a single drop of blood. He can also heal Denji’s damaged organs or replace missing ones by fusing his own body with Denji’s body and using a sufficient amount of blood.

At the start of the series, Pochita fixes Denji’s body by repairing his organs and becoming his heart.

It is later revealed that Pochita was able to cure Denji only because of the contract they had formed during Denji’s childhood.

Chainsaw Man's Powers And Reincarnation Explained

Pochita as Denji’s Heart | Source: Fandom

  • Superhuman speed and strength

Chainsaw Man is so fast that he can seem to teleport to his slower opponents. He managed to attack Makima and his allies before they could even react to his moves.

He is also so strong that he avoids hugging people or shaking their hands because he is unable to control his own strength. This is evident from his visit to the Burger Shop where he ended up killing a few locals due to a small move he made.

Chainsaw Man's Powers And Reincarnation Explained

Chainsaw Man killing people by accident | Source: Fandom

Chainsaw Man’s body can also survive almost any fatal blow, such as Atmospheric Input Burns, Makima’s Thousand Year Spear Attack, Explosions, and more.

After transforming into the Full Devil, the Chainsaw Man can harness the full extent of his abilities. This form is activated when Denji drops his contract with Pochita.

Although Denji takes damage in this form, he is able to recover from these injuries quite quickly. He gains the ability to take down multiple evil hybrids in seconds. It was mentioned that every demon in hell was defeated by this form.

However, the only weakness of this form is that Denji barely manages to retain his consciousness in this form. Instead, this form is led by Pochita who could act in accordance with Denji’s memories and wishes.

Even though Pochita and Denji are both called Chainsaw Man, the standard Devil abilities can only be used by Pochita since he is the actual Chainsaw Man. This ability allows Pochita to make contracts with other humans and reincarnate if he ever dies.

This is evident from Pochita’s past where we see that he had been killed several times by other demons in Hell since they feared him, but he always managed to reincarnate and return.

Who is the reincarnation of Chainsaw Man?

There are two Chainsaw Man in the series. The first Chainsaw Man was the original Chainsaw Devil, Pochita, who was referred to as the Chainsaw Man in Hell as well as “The Hero in Hell”.

The second Chainsaw Man is Denji, who is an evil hybrid under contract with Pochita. He’s called the Chainsaw Man on Earth.

Denji can’t exactly be considered the reincarnation of Chainsaw Man since Pochita, the original Chainsaw Man is still alive. Also, Denji is not a real devil; it’s more of an evil hybrid.

However, in a subjective sense, Denji can be considered the reincarnation of Chainsaw Man since he can use all of the chainsaw devil’s abilities and has Pochita as his heart.

Chainsaw Man's Powers And Reincarnation Explained

Pochita and Denji | Source: Fandom

Pochita was also reincarnated several times after being killed by other hostile demons in Hell in his past. During all these reincarnations, it seems that he retained his original instinct to kill all demons and consume them.

Not much is known about the personalities and details of these reincarnations since most of Pochita’s past is shrouded in mystery and has yet to be revealed.

What is the source of Chainsaw Man’s power?

Chainsaw Man obtains the power primarily by ingesting the blood of other creatures. This is typical of his evil nature since demons need to feed on blood to heal quickly and become more powerful.

Denji obtained his powers as “Chainsaw Man” by entering into a contract with Pochita, the first Chainsaw Devil. The contract allows Denji to live a normal life, in exchange for letting Pochita become Denji’s heart.

Denji had made a similar contract with Pochita as a child, where he allowed Pochita to feed on his blood in exchange for letting Pochita help with his debts.

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About Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto that was serialized from December 2018 to 2022. The series is supposed to get an anime series by MAPPA. A second part of the manga has also been announced

The plot of the manga revolves around Denji, an orphan boy who has to work as a devil hunter to earn a living and pay off his father’s debt.

However, his pet demon, Pochita, is killed while on a mission. Denji wakes up to realize that he and Pochita have become one being, Chainsaw Man. If he doesn’t want to be killed, he must join the government and continue to cast out demons.

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The Chainsaw Man’s Powers, Reincarnation And Afterlife Explained

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