‘Women accused of witchcraft are crucified in public’ – BBC News Africa

Women accused of witchcraft are crucified in public BBC

Harriet Orrell BBC 100 Women December 11, 2021 Photo credit, Shali Reddy image caption, Monica Paulus has dedicated her life to campaigning against violence linked to accusations of witchcraft. “They shouted in my face: ‘You killed him’”. When Monica Paulus’ father collapsed and died of a heart attack, her brother accused her of killing him … Read more


The Africa of received ideas is full of aphorisms which should be debunked. Whether they are the product of colonial libations or apocryphal sayings, none really corresponds to reality but all have the value of a sentence for those – politicians, journalists, “developers” – who, once they have stated them, think they have explained everything. … Read more

Top 5 of the most mystical countries in Africa: Senegal 2nd in the ranking

Top 5 of the most mystical countries in Africa Senegal

To speak of mysticism or mysticism amounts, to a certain extent, to taking an interest in a socio-cultural reality, let us say in a practice-truth-belief. The latter, if we offer ourselves the means to question some stages of human history, seems never to cease to show itself, with a certain acuity, that it founds our … Read more