The Chainsaw Man’s Powers, Reincarnation And Afterlife Explained

Chainsaw Devil might be the strongest devil in the Chainsaw Man universe, striking fear into the hearts of almost every devil, including the Control Devil himself. The original Chainsaw Devil incarnation, Pochita, was also referred to as Chainsaw Man in Hell. Chainsaw Man embodied fear of chainsaws and slaying other demons. Denji can be considered … Read more

This new tea room in Old Mans immerses you in the world of wizards

This new tea room in Old Mans immerses you in

By Frederic Jouvet Published on 22 Sep 22 at 13:16 Le Mans News See my news Follow this media Gaëlle Forveille opened her tea room “Le cauldron de Salem” in Old Mans (Sarthe), Saturday September 17, 2022. ©Frédéric JOUVET/Actu Le Mans “Coffee shop for human and fantastical creatures. » The inscription in orange letters on … Read more

Le Mans Classic. Commissioner Jacky’s 1200 Hours of Le Mans

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He is one of those anonymous silhouettes dressed in orange jumpsuits, without whom the 24 Hours of Le Mans would be nothing. Track commissioner since 1970, stationed at Tertre Rouge from 1973, Jacky Fleuridas is one of the essential cogs that allow the Le Mans track to have this reputation as a safe circuit. After … Read more