Divination pendulum use: why and how does it work?

Divination pendulum use why and how does it work

L’divinatory pendulum use uses magnetic forces. It has an important utility for certain men: scientists or businessmen who have recourse to it very often. It is therefore wise to know the meaning and usefulness of a pendulum in divination. Here’s everything you need to know in this post. What is a divinatory pendulum? The divinatory … Read more

Wooden or crystal rock divinatory pendulum: which one to choose?

Wooden or crystal rock divinatory pendulum which one to choose

Long used in ancient times by spiritual masters, the pendulum would be a divinatory accessory whose properties vary according to the material of composition and the size. If you are interested in the use of a divinatory pendulum, you will still have to decide beforehand on the ideal material for you. It is clear that … Read more