Wooden or crystal rock divinatory pendulum: which one to choose?

Long used in ancient times by spiritual masters, the pendulum would be a divinatory accessory whose properties vary according to the material of composition and the size. If you are interested in the use of a divinatory pendulum, you will still have to decide beforehand on the ideal material for you.

It is clear that this choice is not always easy to make, especially when you are on your first divinatory pendulum. Divination pendulum in wood or crystal, difficult to decide when you are a novice. Be sure ! In this article you will find the information you need to choose the clock you need.

The wooden clock: the best choice for beginners in the art of divination with a pendulum

Experience or level of spirituality is one of the essential criteria for choosing the material of your divinatory pendulum properly. According to surveys, wooden pendulums are the ideal choice for beginners in the use of divinatory pendulums. It is their energy neutrality that makes them the perfect choice for beginners.

As you certainly know, the use of the divinatory pendulum is not within everyone’s reach. It also varies according to the materials. Among them, all wooden models are considered the easiest to use and therefore perfect for beginners. They are also very practical because of their light weight.

Reactive, easy to use and energy-neutral are the characteristics attributed to wooden pendulums by enthusiasts. Spiritually, wood would be considered as a non-conductor of energies and therefore does not undergo magnetic disturbance from the surroundings during its use. This feature allows wooden pendulums to provide correct and reliable responses in dowsing.

In addition, their neutrality spares them any accumulation of negative energies. The user is therefore not forced to clean, purify and recharge the wooden clock before using it. However, this type of pendulum is not adapted to the confirmed dowser. It actually belongs to the category of receptive pendulums, that is, it cannot be used for healing.

The crystal rock pendulum: the best ally of master healers!

The crystal rock pendulum, also called quartz crystal, is a very popular object in dowsing. The crystal itself is a stone widely used for spiritual purposes because of its energy-amplifying virtue. Indeed, the divinatory pendulum made from this stone has the ability to store a lot of energy unlike the wooden model which is totally neutral.

In spirituality, rock crystal symbolizes purity. Adepts of dowsing also claim that this pendulum purifies itself and strengthens the energy of its user. It is the best choice if you wish to embark on healing.

What to choose between wooden or crystal rock divinatory pendulum

According to the metaphysical scholars, rock crystal is one of the most powerful and versatile healing stones. Its pendulum is supposed to protect its user against negativity and relieve their pains. It can be used for the art of clairvoyance as well as for healing. Its energy palette is wider than that of any other pendulum. Attention !

The rock crystal divinatory pendulum is more demanding in maintenance than wooden models. It is this, added to its accumulation of energies, which makes it much more recommended for advanced divinatory therapy or dowsing than for beginners. Its use is not so simple!

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Wooden or crystal rock divinatory pendulum: which one to choose?

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