Divination pendulum use: why and how does it work?

L’divinatory pendulum use uses magnetic forces. It has an important utility for certain men: scientists or businessmen who have recourse to it very often. It is therefore wise to know the meaning and usefulness of a pendulum in divination. Here’s everything you need to know in this post.

What is a divinatory pendulum?

The divinatory pendulum is an object composed of a chain or cord connected to a stone or a rock crystal. Used to detect water and metals, it is also an instrument of divination. Indeed, thedivinatory pendulum use is practiced by seers or dowsers. Their practice is to ask questions about a romantic or professional situation or other situations in order to obtain answers. But one wonders why resorting to a divinatory pendulum use.

Why resort to using the divinatory pendulum?

Formerly, thedivinatory pendulum use was done for research, investigations or to find missing persons. It is not used to find answers to questions more quickly for the evolution of work among scientists, for example. For politicians or businessmen, it is a way to help them in their decision-making.

L’Divination pendulum use, to a logic in practice. In other words, we cannot use the same compositions of the pendulum to answer all the questions. Each type of divinatory pendulum is associated with a given type of question. Thus, the crystal pendant is used for matters relating to a love situation. The copper pendant is requested for health issues. Then the wood that is used to him in the spiritual and external forces. It is of interest to know why it is necessary to use this object but also to know how it works.

How to use divinatory pendulum?

L’divinatory pendulum use requires a number of qualities including patience and perseverance. Indeed, it takes enough training to understand how this tool works. Because the answer to the questions we ask is found in the movements that the object makes. Depending on whether this movement is circular or in a straight line, the subconscious can find a clear answer related to thedivinatory pendulum use.

Here are five methods ofdivinatory pendulum use:

To begin with, it is important to ensure the expression of the magnetism of the pendulum. To do this, you need to open your hand and rotate the pendulum above it a few centimeters in one direction and back. By doing this, the pendulum receives energy from your hand and body. After a few times of rotation, it stops and you can proceed to your divinatory pendulum use.

Then, you will have to learn to hold the object. It is essential in thedivinatory pendulum use. So you have to hold the clock with your strong hand. That is to say the right for right-handers and the left for left-handers. Hold the end of the string with your thumb and forefinger. Your arm must be detached from the body with an adequate position. You must have regular breathing and be light in your movements.

In addition, it will be necessary to recognize the answer that gives you thedivinatory pendulum use. Is it YES or NO? So when your pendulum turns clockwise, the answer is positive. In the opposite direction it will mean that the answer is NO.

Also, in thedivinatory pendulum use the manner of asking the questions is essential. Knowing that the object answers with YES or NO, it will be necessary to ask questions that give this answer. Obviously it is advisable to start with the generality to arrive at your particular question.

Finally, it is important that you can believe in thedivinatory pendulum use you are doing.

The dangers of using a divinatory pendulum

When we talk aboutdivinatory pendulum use, this refers to dowsers. These have, for many years, worked on their gift. This means that even with a gift it is possible to be exposed to the adventures or dangers ofdivinatory pendulum use. Thus the many dangers to which practitioners may be exposed are:

Misuse of the divinatory pendulum

It is a danger to which you can expose yourself easily. It consists of asking futile questions that you can answer yourself. You seek to question the clock for a trivial fact. L’divinatory pendulum use should not be used to fulfill your petty desires. This consists of unconsciously giving too much importance to the tool and no longer thinking by reason.

Also, you need to know when to do thedivinatory pendulum use and how. For this it is important to define a framework, to collect oneself and to meditate. Also it will take a lot of practice to get out of this trap. That is to say meditate a lot and sort out questions that are not necessary in order to receive concise answers to the questions asked.

Autosuggestion linked to the use of a divinatory pendulum

In the practice ofdivinatory pendulum use it is possible to fall into the reverse of autosuggestion. This means that we tend to make the clock say what we like to hear. In this case, it is necessary, in thedivinatory pendulum use pay close attention to what we think, desire or feel. When you do it for someone other than yourself, sort out all those emotions.

It is a difficult psychological work. As a dowser, you must ensure that the desires that people bring do not interfere with the result that should be. It is in no way because an individual wants something that thedivinatory pendulum use must go in the direction of its expectations.

The wrong questions in the use of the divinatory pendulum

One of the pitfalls ofdivinatory pendulum use is the poor wording of questions or the wrong questions. Indeed, when your questions are not good or badly formulated, you will have difficulty in interpreting the answers you have. It is therefore essential in thedivinatory pendulum use formulate the questions correctly. This then requires a correct and mature reflection on the concern or the situation to be expressed. When you are a dowser, you can help people who seek you in this process.

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Divination pendulum use: why and how does it work?

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