How does the divinatory pendulum work?

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You want to try the divinatory pendulum, but you don’t know how to go about it? Discover our guide to know how to use it.

Dowsing, the art of the divinatory pendulum

The practice of the divinatory pendulum bears the name of dowsing. This term refers to the sensitivity of radiation that can be felt by living beings. The pendulum is composed of a chain (sometimes with pearls) on which is suspended a weight which can be composed of various materials: stone, reiki wood, rock crystal, copper, brass, lapis lazuli, resin, metal… Dowsing allows you to discover certain aspects of your future through specific questions. The answers can only be “yes” or “no” and they are determined according to the movement of the divinatory pendulum. Divining pendulums can also be used by dowsers to discover water sources.

Choosing the right divinatory pendulum

The shape of the divinatory pendulum

The choice of the divinatory pendulum is important. Indeed, for a beginner, some pendulums can be difficult to master between their fingers. It is therefore advisable to choose a small pendulum with a simple shape like a ball, with facets for its maneuverability and its speed or a drop with a pointed end which allows great precision. The Egyptian divinatory pendulum is reserved for experienced dowsers.

The matter of the divinatory pendulum

The choice of the material of the divinatory pendulum is not to be taken lightly. If wood and natural stones are recommended for beginners, the questions asked must be made according to the type of pendulum. Indeed, the crystal is recommended for questions in the field of love, the copper is dedicated to questions relating to the health while wood provides spiritual answers.

The wooden divinatory pendulum

The wooden divinatory pendulum is very popular with beginners. Light, it allows to make a fast and precise movement in order to understand the mechanisms of the dowsing.

The stone divinatory pendulum

For greater spirituality, the divinatory pendulum made of natural stone is very popular. Mineral pendulums are usually faceted. Among the most popular is the tiger eye pendulum, in rose quartz, rock crystal, or amethyst.

Where to buy a divinatory pendulum?

Divination pendulums can be purchased on many sites such as Amazon or Vibratis which specializes in divination. Depending on the type of pendulum and its material, its price may vary. On Vibratis, the average price is €15. This is particularly the case of a divinatory pendulum with facets in amethyst, brass or pink quartz for example. Depending on the site, delivery can sometimes be free depending on the price of the order. The stock of divinatory pendulums can be more or less limited.

How to use a divinatory pendulum?

While dowsing may seem simple, it does require a lot of practice. The divinatory pendulums must be carried on oneself so that they become impregnated with our vibrations and our waves. It is possible to use them as jewelry, especially as a pendant. When using the divinatory pendulum, it is advisable to put yourself in a quiet place away from electromagnetic waves. The person must also be alone and empty his mind in order to be concentrated and not to have superfluous thoughts. When she asks her question, she must be patient and want to know the answer deeply. This is manifested by the movement of the divinatory pendulum. Quite often, the clockwise movement indicates a “yes” while a negative answer is manifested by the counter-clockwise movement.

The steps to master dowsing

Before asking his questions, it is important to place the divinatory pendulum above his palm and to turn it in one direction then in the other. These rounds allow the dowser to feel the energy of his own body. When the divinatory pendulum has stabilized, this is the sign that it can be used. It is important to hold it correctly: the end of the chain should be held between the thumb and index finger, while the arm should not touch the rest of the body. It should also be kept in mind that divinatory pendulums only work with correctly asked questions: if they are vague, the answers will not be clear and the divinatory pendulum will make many rounds. A wooden divining board with a pattern of stars can make getting answers easier.

How to avoid influencing your divinatory pendulum?

After mastering theuse of the divinatory pendulum, it is important to know that certain attitudes or reactions of the user can influence or modify his answers. Here are some precautions to take to obtain objective responses from this instrument:

  • Ask questions whose answers you are ready to hear: the divinatory pendulum is influenced by the subconscious. Therefore, if a situation troubles you to the point where you are not ready to accept any answer, whether favorable or not, do not ask questions about this situation. Wait until you are ready.
  • Keep your forearm stationary: In order to get a correct answer, it is important to keep your forearm static as much as possible. So as not to disturb the natural swing of the pendulum.
  • Use your pendulum when you are calm: strong emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness influence the pendulum’s response. This is why it is preferable not to use this instrument under the influence of emotion.
  • Take a moment of meditation to synthesize your question: indeed, the divinatory pendulum answers clear questions.
  • As the pendulum swings, follow its eye movement to connect with it.

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How does the divinatory pendulum work?

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