The 10 favorite films of Bonbon Nuit in 2022

The 10 favorite films of Bonbon Nuit in 2022

10. Saint-Omer by Alice Diop Beyond motherhood, Diop frontally depicts the nauseous, ordinary racism of a black woman who expresses herself correctly (which challenges the followers), in an environment of white and bourgeois domination. Witchcraft is advanced by the accused, but it is indeed the distress of an abandoned mother who is at the origin … Read more

Nuit Blanche at the Saint-Gervais church, “Ô”: an immersive ecological video installation

Nuit Blanche at the Saint Gervais church O an immersive ecological

By My B. Posted Sep 30, 2022 12:04 PM The Nuit Blanche awaits you at the Saint-Gervais church, in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. This Saturday, October 1, Stéphanie Henry-Seguin presents a video installation called “Ô”, which invites us to become aware of the urgency of the ecological situation we are experiencing. The Sleepless night, … Read more

A strong comeback for the Nuit Blanche in Winnipeg

Tourism Winnipeg general manager Natalie Thiesen says she’s thrilled to return to an event that looks like it did before COVID-19 hit. The committee and the artists are super excited to be back on site with great projects, new installations, new activities and to see these corners of the city alive again. We look forward … Read more

12 incredible FREE activities to do in July in Montreal | Vie de Nuit

We can never say it enough, the city of Montreal is booming during the summer! Indeed, the beautiful season brings with it a panoply of activities, events and festivals not to be missed to take full advantage of the hot days and the bustle of the metropolis. If you want to bite into life to … Read more

Vincent Boussard imagine un Werther en forme de songe d’une nuit d’hiver à l’opéra de Lausanne – Toutelaculture

Vincent Boussard imagine un Werther en forme de songe dune

L’interprétation célèbre et célébrée d’un grand ténor, la prise de rôle d’une des jeunes mezzos les plus prometteuses de la nouvelle génération française, une direction elle aussi déjà connue et célébrée, et une mise en scène nouvelle due à un artiste qui chérit le concept : les ingrédients étaient très prometteurs pour la nouvelle production … Read more

“Les Passagers de la nuit”, solitudes gathered in the Paris of the 1980s

Passengers of the night *** by Mikhaël Hers French film, 1 h 51 It begins the night of May 10, 1981, with its scenes of jubilation in the streets of Paris at the announcement of François Mitterrand’s victory, and it is the whole film by Mikhaël Hers which is tinged with this grain of nostalgia … Read more