Nuit Blanche at the Saint-Gervais church, “Ô”: an immersive ecological video installation

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The Nuit Blanche awaits you at the Saint-Gervais church, in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. This Saturday, October 1, Stéphanie Henry-Seguin presents a video installation called “Ô”, which invites us to become aware of the urgency of the ecological situation we are experiencing.

The Sleepless night, it is sometimes the encounter between historical sites and monuments and contemporary art. If you like this astonishing contrast, then a visit to the beautiful Parisian churches is a must during this exceptional nocturnal event. Among the many programs originals of Paris and its surroundings, we go to discover that of theSt. Gervais Church in the Marais.

On the program of the Nuit Blanche at the Saint-Gervais church:

  • Stephanie Henry-Seguin
    Saturday, October 1, 2022 from 7:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

    Stéphanie Henry-Seguin, visual artist, produces works that question our link to the environment.
    The video installation “Ô” invites us to an immersive face-to-face encounter with an oversized glass hand over which water flows in a silvery rain evoking the mercury of barometers and the unleashing of temperatures. The soundtrack encourages meditation, then, the sound precipitation provokes an awareness of our impact on the scarcity of water, essential to life.
    With the support of Art Culture et Foi.

Projected between the walls of the Church of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais in the 4 district of Paristhe installation takes the form of a three-minute video played on a loop, during which we are invited to discover a hand of glass (or ice) from which beads of water flow.

White Night at Saint-Gervais Church, "Oh" : an ecological immersive video installationWhite Night at Saint-Gervais Church, "Oh" : an ecological immersive video installationWhite Night at Saint-Gervais Church, "Oh" : an ecological immersive video installation

This hand, delicate and fragile, represents Life. The drops that fall from the tips of his slender fingers represent both an offering to the Earth, to quench the thirst of humans and quench the drought of the planet, but also a reminder of the existence of the climate deregulation which causes the melting ice and which makes Water more and more precious.

Accompanied by an original soundtrack, the work initially encourages meditation and reflection. The sound of falling drops is soft and soothing. The transparency of the drops evokes a feeling of freshness, purity, and physical and spiritual well-being. However, as the video progresses, the pace quickens and a cataclysm arises. This sound precipitation reminds us that what Water can give, Water can also take away.

In the second half of the video, the drops no longer fall. Like evaporation after the rain, the water rises towards the sky and seems to be recovered by the nourishing hand. This abrupt and unexpected shift allows the work to take a political turn – a cry of alarm, imploring viewers to realize the universal climate emergency we are going through as people of Water.

Stephanie Henry-Seguin is a visual artist whose sculptures and installations bring glass into dialogue with other materials (textile, wood, digital…). She acquired several skills with master glassmakers in France, and these techniques notably enabled her to spin the glass hand of the “Ô” installation by flame herself. She exhibited in Venice, Paris and
London. His artistic projects explore the fragility of our existence and our connection to the environment.

the church Saint Gervais is the oldest church in the north of Paris since it existed in the 7e century under the episcopate of Saint Germain, who, according to Fortunatus, came to pray there. It seduces with its very high Gothic vaults and its portal in a different style. It was rebuilt in 1212, 1420 and 1581. At 11th century, it belonged to the Counts of Meulent, who donated it to the Priory of Saint-Nicaise. Since then, this church has become one of the most important parishes in Paris.

So, what if we had a cultural awakening and awareness at the Saint-Gervais church in Paris for this White Night 2022 ?

We want to give thanks to the author of this write-up for this remarkable material

Nuit Blanche at the Saint-Gervais church, “Ô”: an immersive ecological video installation

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