20 inspiring reading suggestions from our writers

20 inspiring reading suggestions from our writers

To end the year on a high note, we asked 10 local writers to tell us about a Quebec novel and a foreign novel that they loved. Photos provided by publishers Perrine LeBlanc Impromptu by Catherine Mavrikakis. This novella depicts the fascination of a young intellectual trained in Quebec in the 1980s for a teacher … Read more

Reading suggestions for November 20, 2022

Reading suggestions for November 20 2022

Frédérique Dufort’s suggestions. Amelie Nothomb Albin Michael An ode to siblings, to the relationship that children can have who have to stick together and get by rather than relying on their parents. In this case, Tristane and Laetitia did not fall into a family “in need of love”, no; their parents love each other so … Read more

“Reading Days” by Marcel Proust, an unknown work

Manifest dating what is this miracle technique to find the

Reissues, unpublished publications. The world of letters makes it possible to periodically discover or rediscover authors’ manuscripts, sometimes voluntarily left in the shade by the latter, or just forgotten. Reading days, by Marcel Proust, unearthed by Éditions de l’Aube, thus emerges from its modest condition as a preface to acquire the status of a work … Read more

Coulommiers. Reading aloud (and it’s more effective than a yoga session)

Coulommiers Reading aloud and its more effective than a yoga

By Vanessa Relouzat Published on 18 Oct 22 at 20:20 The Briard Country See my news Follow this media Focused on language, breathing, rhythm, the “Private voice, public voice” workshop is complete. ©DR Outside, the day is fading. Through the bay windows of the reading room, an autumnal rain pours its poetic melancholy on the … Read more

Reading for the weekend with these three comics to discover

The weekend promises to be rainy. The opportunity to settle down and dive into a good comic strip. Here are three reading tips from recent releases. “Campaign Logs” For a few years, among our French neighbors, there has been a real craze for political comics. Some authors and cartoonists opt for humor and parody, others … Read more

Reading advice – A selection of books to devour for 9 – 15 year olds – IDBOOX

Reading advice A selection of books to devour for

Here is a selection of three books, to dream, vibrate and take your mind off things for 9-15 year olds. We will give you our opinion on: The In Betweenby Marc Klein (Stardust). Memories of the forest – The memories of Ferdinand Taupeby Mickaël Brun-Arnaud (L’école des loisirs). Wizards T1 : The sources of the … Read more