The Craft, the new witches (Canal+ Cinéma): what is the link with the film Dangereuse alliance/The Craft with Neve Campbell?

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Released in October 2020 in French cinemas, The Craft, the new witches is appearing tonight for the first time on television on Canal+ Cinéma. The title of the film is reminiscent of a feature film from the 1990s, with the delicious neve campbell in one of the main roles: Dangerous alliance (The Craft in VO). … Read more

Rasputin: what was his link with the “erotic-mystical” sect of the Khlysts?

Grigory Efimovitch Rasputin was probably born in January 1869 in Proskrovoye in the district of Tyumen, a region of Western Siberia, on the borders of the Urals. He grew up in a very pious family of small landowners. Very early, Rasputin manifests divinatory gifts. Grigori even claims to have apparitions of the Virgin Mary. To … Read more