Halloween: the cannibalistic sect of Magdalena Solis, “the high priestess of blood”

Halloween the cannibalistic sect of Magdalena Solis the high priestess

In the 1960s, Mexico experienced horrific assassinations. Magdalena Solis, at the head of a sect and convinced to be the reincarnation of a goddess, murders and drinks the blood of her victims through macabre rituals. Magdalena Solis was born in Mexico in the 1940s. From an early age, her brother forced her into prostitution. She … Read more

Sect of the “White Wolf” in Prats-de-Mollo: has the guru made victims in the Pyrénées-Orientales?

Sect of the White Wolf in Prats de Mollo has the guru

A call for witnesses has just been launched on the Twitter of the national police in order to find the possible victims of the sectarian movement “Shamanism of the origin”. Its leader, Cyrille Adam, known as Loup Blanc, was imprisoned on December 9 as part of an investigation for “rape, sexual assault and abuse of … Read more

Rasputin: what was his link with the “erotic-mystical” sect of the Khlysts?

Grigory Efimovitch Rasputin was probably born in January 1869 in Proskrovoye in the district of Tyumen, a region of Western Siberia, on the borders of the Urals. He grew up in a very pious family of small landowners. Very early, Rasputin manifests divinatory gifts. Grigori even claims to have apparitions of the Virgin Mary. To … Read more