“Nostalgia” by Mario Martone, the ghosts of Naples

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Nostalgia *** by Mario Martone Italian film, 1 h 57 During his presentation at Cannes last May, this unclassifiable film went relatively unnoticed, crushed by the heavyweights of the competition. A discretion which is as much due to the personality of its director, Mario Martone, man of the theater and rare filmmaker, oscillating between documentary … Read more

Indian literature: ghosts, ubiquitous destitute people, two disturbing books – Asialyst

Indian literature ghosts ubiquitous destitute people two disturbing books

On a street in Calcutta, capital of West Bengal in northwest India. (Source : Flickr) The novel wounds of the dead takes us from the depths of the Indian countryside to the afterlife, while the news of The Awakening of the Nothing plunge us into the slums of Calcutta. Banyan editions, a small house specializing … Read more

Journal des BO de Cannes #3: the tragic orchestra of Grégoire Hetzel, the ghosts of Olivier Marguerit…

Journal des BO de Cannes 3 the tragic orchestra of

Arnaud Desplechin surprises with the amazing “Sibling” (in competition – also in theaters since May 20), the story of a pathological hatred between a sister (Marion Cotillard) and a brother (Melvil Poupaud) who avoid each other. The film then undertakes an unpredictable path, generating both dissonance and burlesque, seriousness and humor, violent reality and fantasy. … Read more

“Movie Ghosts”: the ghosts of Hollywood | LeMagduCine

Movie Ghosts the ghosts of Hollywood LeMagduCine

Bamboo editions publish Movie Ghosts, by Stephen Desberg and Attila Futaki. Highly referenced, moored in the City of Angels, the album features an investigator who has the particularity of… conversing with the dead. Billy Wilder, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, David Cronenberg, David Lynch: at all times, Hollywood has been the subject of little descriptions to its … Read more