Henry Levin & Mario Bava – “One Thousand and One Nights” (“The Wonders of Aladdin”) (1961)

Henry Levin Mario Bava – One Thousand and One

After signing The Mask of the Demon, his first feature film as sole director, Mario Bava chose to humbly return to his first love by assisting American filmmakers who had come to shoot big-budget films in Italy. In the past, he thus assisted Jacques Tourneur on The Battle of Marathon, in addition to donning the … Read more

Official languages ​​| Bill C-13 insufficient, according to economist Mario Polèse

Official languages ​​ Bill C 13 insufficient according to economist Mario

(Ottawa) Although it includes great advances, Bill C-13 can slow the decline of French in Canada, but it will not succeed in stopping it, believes economist Mario Polèse. To achieve its objective, the government must break away from a principle that was dear to Trudeau Sr. Posted at 6:06 p.m. Mylene Crete The Press “This … Read more