1931: Rule of law flouted, gendarmes on the front line, an unprecedented mobilization against crime in Corsica

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The bloody clashes between the police and bandits push the prefect to use “the strong way”. Laval launches a vast operation “purification of the maquis” sweeping wide with 600 men and armored cars One morning in November 1931, the access roads to Ajaccio were blocked, the telephone and the telegraph cut off. Villages serving as … Read more

Pogba case: “an unhealthy being” linked to “organized crime” and follower of witchcraft … Paul Pogba targeted by a new round of accusations from his brother Mathias

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

Almost a month after Mathias Pogba’s first messages on social networks, promising revelations about his brother Paul, he joined the talk to the deeds. Although currently in detention, after his indictment for “extortion in an organized gang” and “participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing a crime”, the brother of Paul Pogba … Read more

“Some will be shocked”: organized crime, witchcraft, bag of money … In prison, Paul Pogba’s brother drives the point home

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

Since his detention, Mathias Pogba has published a new series of revelations on Twitter. This Friday, September 23, he accuses his brother of being close to “bandits”, of having marabouted Kylian Mbappé and of having wanted to intimidate him. The family quarrels continue at the Pogba. And tensions increase. After bringing serious charges against his … Read more