Pogba case: “an unhealthy being” linked to “organized crime” and follower of witchcraft … Paul Pogba targeted by a new round of accusations from his brother Mathias

Almost a month after Mathias Pogba’s first messages on social networks, promising revelations about his brother Paul, he joined the talk to the deeds. Although currently in detention, after his indictment for “extortion in an organized gang” and “participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing a crime”, the brother of Paul Pogba published a salvo of messages and videos, all scheduled very early, Friday, September 23, on Twitter. True to his first messages dating back to the end of August, he again launched accusations against his brother, Paul Pogba.

In a series of about thirty videos which have value “life insurance” according to him, he first describes a brother “hypocrite”, “criminal”, “an unhealthy being”, “willing to do anything to achieve his ends”, and that “takes pleasure in dominating, despising, humiliating others and in particular his family”, that he has “immersed in turmoil and sadness”. In the same vein as his first series of videos, the eldest of the Pogba siblings films himself sitting and reads his text, previously written on a white sheet. Stumbling over many words in his reading, he repeats a large part of his first accusations, while clarifying them.

Above all, Mathias Pogba points to the links that his brother would have woven with the “organized crime”. “This is why our family and loved ones are in danger today. My brother (…) has always had criminals and delinquents around him and he still does today ( The problem is that he used these relationships and their names to protect himself on the street and to do business with them, in order for them to do things for him and shed blood for him”, he says.

Mathias Pogba also explains that he was not aware of “these actions until he betrayed his henchmen and fled without telling anyone, leaving our mother and me to our fate, leaving his family and loved ones to become the targets of these bandits.” He also specifies that itsome relatives have already made “assault and shoot because of him”.

He says that a close friend of Paul Pogba was the victim of a bullet wound committed by the “bandits” who would resent his family. He also admits having been “robbed” and claims that these same people burned family cars and “set on fire” at his mother’s.

Mathias Pogba also reiterated his accusations against his brother’s agent Rafaela Pimenta, who became “essential” in Paul’s life. Mathias even speaks of this woman’s hold over his brother. “This one took over both professionally and in terms of handling.” According to him, it was she who led his brother to change his behavior and who worked on “isolate it to better influence and manipulate it. (…) Rafaela was able to gorge on his back as with no other player. (…) When I called her for help because my life and that of my family were in danger, she simply ignored me. Being thereby either an accomplice of my brother, or at least showing non-assistance to anyone in danger.”

In his batch of revelations, Mathias again accuses Paul of having marabouted, with the help of a “Wizard“, several of his teammates in the France team, including Kylian Mbappé and sabotage his games”. Still according to the words of Mathias, this marabout “Named Ibrahim, nicknamed Grande (…), is close to former international Alou Diarra. My brother met him thanks to the player Serge Aurier, having recommended his marabout to him.”

“The turning point was the 2018 World Cup where Paul, even more believing in the sorcerer than in God, charged the sorcerer with ensuring the victory of the French team., launches Mathias Pogba. According to him, his brother continued to use the “Wizard” during the Champions League to ensure that his team, Manchester United, were victorious.

He gives in particular as an example the round of 16 second leg PSG-Manchester United, which had seen Paul Pogba’s Red Devils overthrow and eliminate the club from the capital, on March 6, 2019 (3-1 after the 0-2 defeat at go). “At Paul’s request, the wizard was tasked with neutralizing Kylian Mbappé, who was then experiencing a rapid rise, far exceeding Paul’s notoriety (…). Kylian was only a shadow of himself against a team spare”, he says. In this context, Paul Pogba would have become, over the years, more and more close to this marabout, and more and more dependent. Paul would have paid him between “75,000 to 100,000 euros” for each request, “once or twice a month”, for several years, via courier. Gifts were even added to the bill, including a cadillac, still according to Mathias.

Mathias Pogba promised, if “the time is given to him”, to return to the networks with “a new series of videos in several episodes” where he would take “time to present each piece of evidence” of what he says and “to invite witnesses and victims” to testify.

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Pogba case: “an unhealthy being” linked to “organized crime” and follower of witchcraft … Paul Pogba targeted by a new round of accusations from his brother Mathias

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