The forces of evil are invading us and no one is talking about it, except CNews: viewers shocked by this moon show

10 good reasons to eat figs So Busy Girls

Remember when, when we were younger, our grandparents told us that cartoons were mind-numbing and that it was better to read books? When our parents reminded us not to believe what was said on the Internet because there was a lot of nonsense? Surprise, they are now the targets of fake news on Facebook and … Read more

“Some will be shocked”: organized crime, witchcraft, bag of money … In prison, Paul Pogba’s brother drives the point home

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

Since his detention, Mathias Pogba has published a new series of revelations on Twitter. This Friday, September 23, he accuses his brother of being close to “bandits”, of having marabouted Kylian Mbappé and of having wanted to intimidate him. The family quarrels continue at the Pogba. And tensions increase. After bringing serious charges against his … Read more

Suicide of Nino Ferrer: return to the tragic death of the singer who shocked the whole of France

Food voucher E100 plus E50 per child for 9 million

On August 13, 1998, the suicide of Nino Ferrer shook the whole of France. To everyone’s surprise, he had decided to end his life close to home. A drama that still remains marked in the minds. The singer never accepted the death of his mother Several years ago, Nino Ferrer managed to mark the French … Read more

Manon Marsault still a victim of witchcraft? “I am shocked”

Manon Marsault still a victim of witchcraft I am shocked

Manon Marsault is panicked and there is reason! According to Internet users, the young mother would once again be the victim of witchcraft. We will explain everything to you. The witchcraft stories are obviously not over for the reality TV candidates. And Manon Marsault confided her concern to her subscribers. She is convinced that she … Read more