Unusual – Aurélien Brunet linked Solignac to Tehran by bike, a journey of more than 10,000 kilometers

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Aurélien took an 11-month sabbatical to fulfill an old dream. Engineer in civil engineering and hydraulics in Limoges, descendant of a dynasty of peasants from the Pays de la Loire, passionate about horses, he took the plunge by deciding to go to Mongolia by bike. “The triggering phenomena were the confinements and the death of … Read more

Pogba case: “an unhealthy being” linked to “organized crime” and follower of witchcraft … Paul Pogba targeted by a new round of accusations from his brother Mathias

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Almost a month after Mathias Pogba’s first messages on social networks, promising revelations about his brother Paul, he joined the talk to the deeds. Although currently in detention, after his indictment for “extortion in an organized gang” and “participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing a crime”, the brother of Paul Pogba … Read more

Harry Potter: Voldemort would be secretly linked to this Fantastic Beasts character

Harry Potter Voldemort would be secretly linked to this Fantastic

If the universe created by JK Rowling is certainly not as rich as that of Tolkien with The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the world of wizards are also full of secrets. For example, it is possible that Flight of death be linked to a character Fantastic Beasts in a totally unexpected way! … Read more

The far-right group Les Brigandes, linked to a mystical community, announces its dissolution

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The news went unnoticed but, on September 9, the music group labeled extreme right The Brigandes announced its dissolution. According to the statement put online on their site, media vindictiveness and the health crisis got the better of their musical business: “Our work is behind us: the 12 albums of Les Brigandes will remain the … Read more

Nathalie Marquay became furious when she received a letter after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut: it is linked to his cancer

Nathalie Marquay became furious when she received a letter after scaled

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, admired by thousands and one of the biggest names in French television, was a happy husband alongside Nathalie Marquay. It was with pain and sadness that she had to say goodbye to this beloved husband. However, even after her death, Tom and Lou’s mom is pushed to the limit, this time by a … Read more