Numerology 2023, year 5: discover your path and exploit the opportunities

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Throughout this year, you will be faced with new challenges and enriching experiences. You will have the opportunity to discover new opportunities and engage in activities that you are passionate about. Remember that curiosity is a good thing, but it has to be accompanied by common sense and judicious measurement. As you begin this 5 … Read more

Numerology 2023: calculate your number for the year and discover your life path

Numerology 2023 calculate your number for the year and discover

In numerology, the calendar year is important. It is reduced to a number between 1 and 9. In 2023 we are under the major influence of the 7 (2023 = 2+2+0+3 = 7). But this influence is valid for all. To determine the individual influence of a year, you must personalize this number by linking … Read more

Well-being: take the path of joy with laughter yoga

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It all started when, at 5, Valérie Jarraud was already giving massages to those around her in Croatia, she recalls. But the initiatory journey really began in India, years later. “To date, this is the most unsettling trip of my life. There’s a completely amazing energy there. When you arrive with a gram of kindness, … Read more

Numerology 2023: love, work, money… here is your life path for the next year!

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We are at twilight of the year 2022 which was emotionally intense. To face 2023, nothing better than consulting an ancient discipline that never fails to give us its predictions: numerology. You can find out here what awaits you from January, depending on your date of birth! This is a very old method whose reference … Read more

Path of Life: how to know yours and above all how to interpret it? – Here is

Astro quel metier correspond vraiment a votre signe astrologique 

Personality traits, future, obstacles to overcome… The Way of Life contains precious information on the destiny of each one. We tell you everything about this key notion of numerology. The Path of Life is valuable information for those who move forward on the path to self-knowledgewhether through numerology or the study of personality according to … Read more

Here’s How to Use Numerology to Uncover Your Life Path (and It’s Weirdly Accurate)

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Now we add all the main numbers: 9 (date of birth) + 1 (month of birth) + 1 (year of birth) = 11. We then deduce this number by adding its digits: 1+1=2. This means that your life course number is 2 and that you are considered a builder or a protester. Destiny number Your … Read more

Numerology: what is the “life path” and how to calculate it?

We all know astrology, the horoscope, (and for some experts) the birth chart, but do you know the “path of life”? Thanks to a series of defined calculations, this technique derived from numerology allows you to know the outline of your destiny, but also to simply learn more about your personality and that of your … Read more

Path of Life: here is how to calculate your choice of professional career

Path of Life here is how to calculate your choice

Margaux Ponthieux Published on Oct 28, 2021 at 4:51 p.m. updated on Thursday, October 28, 2021 Path of Life 1 How to calculate your life path? Read our article here. You are a born leader! Thanks to your great sense of diplomacy, you are respected by your peers. You chart your course and you are … Read more

Numerology: how to calculate your personal number and your life path?

Numerology how to calculate your personal number and your life

Numerology allows everyone to know themselves better. It is also a divinatory art. Let’s discover together the numbers that govern our lives. The numerology is to study the numbers that govern our lives. This study makes it possible to obtain various information on the future, on the destiny but also on the character of each … Read more