Life Path 9, Year 9 Numerology

Numerology character 9: Dynamic, lively, enterprising, you are communicative and outgoing. Cheerful, almost always optimistic and in a good mood, you are a real sweetie! Altruistic, generous, you are emotional, a born humanist. You love others and life, which also makes you love the various pleasures of life. You have a hypersensitivity that often plays … Read more

The discreet HR Path, French champion of HR software, raises 225 million euros

The discreet HR Path French champion of HR software raises

Less known and less “trendy” than many nuggets of French Tech, HR Path boldly continues its merry way. Specialist in HR information systems for companies, the Parisian nugget announces this Wednesday, May 11 the success of a massive fundraising of 225 million euros, half in equity – notably via its main shareholder, the capital fund … Read more

Numerology: Here’s How Your Life Path Impacts Your Love Life

Numerology Heres How Your Life Path Impacts Your Love Life

Margaux Ponthieux Monday, November 8, 2021 updated on Monday, November 8, 2021 life path 1 How to calculate your life path? Read our article here. As Life Path 1, you are here to get to know yourself. You are here to learn how to distinguish yourself from others, to develop your sense of independence, and … Read more

Numerology: how to calculate your personal number and your life path?

Numerology allows everyone to know themselves better. It is also a divinatory art. Let’s discover together the numbers that govern our lives. The numerology is to study the numbers that govern our lives. This study makes it possible to obtain various information on the future, on the destiny but also on the character of each … Read more

Here’s How to Use Numerology to Uncover Your Life Path (and It’s Weirdly Accurate)

Now we add all the main numbers: 9 (date of birth) + 1 (month of birth) + 1 (year of birth) = 11. We then deduce this number by adding its digits: 1+1=2. This means that your life course number is 2 and that you are considered a builder or a protester. Destiny number Your … Read more