Numerology 2023: calculate your number for the year and discover your life path

In numerology, the calendar year is important. It is reduced to a number between 1 and 9. In 2023 we are under the major influence of the 7 (2023 = 2+2+0+3 = 7). But this influence is valid for all.

To determine the individual influence of a year, you must personalize this number by linking it to your birth. This is called “ personal year “. It is calculated very simply by adding the numbers of your day and month of birth with the year of which you want to know the personal vibration. The result must be reduced to a number between 1 and 9.

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I was born on March 12. In 2023, here is my personal year according to the two calculation methods:

First method Second method

1 + 2 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 13

1 + 3 = 4

12 + 03 + 2023 = 2038

2 + 0 + 3 + 8 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4

The personal year defines the climate in which you will evolve. Don’t get stuck on the words that follow, but use them. Adapt the projects, the desires or your actions in order to go in the direction of the numerological current of this year. Discover the life paths for each number here:

If you are in year 1

Periods in 1 are generally positive because they restart a cycle of nine years. These are times when things move and move forward, both inside and out. Events create a trend, a climate of movement that must be accompanied voluntarily so as not to remain on the side of the road.

Periods in 1 are ideal for planting the seeds of what you want to see grow in subsequent periods. From experience, 1 years favor moves or installations as a couple.

If you are in year 2

Periods in 2 are often calmer than the preceding periods.

They are marked by a more interior energy, more centered on the emotional and the relational. The native’s interest takes a back seat and other people take center stage. To live this transition well, you have to use letting go, but not to be forgotten.

Periods in 2 are often described as “all or nothing”. Singles can meet, but couples can separate because the native cannot live the role “imposed” by the 2.

If you are in year 3

Periods in 3 are mostly positive. They are marked by growth, creativity, social relationships and fulfilment.

This will be a good time to imagine new solutions to make up for lost time. As it is a time of culmination, the 3 years are rich in births of children, projects, artistic works, etc.

Periods in 3 are very productive mentally, and innovations are favored. This will be the time to reinvent an aspect of your life or yourself.

If you are in year 4

Periods 4 are more laborious. They are there to allow you to build, to structure to move forward on solid foundations. The fruits can only be picked later. It is recommended to be vigilant towards the professional activity and the finances to mitigate the problems.

It is common to abandon the emotional and relational side to give body and soul to one’s work or simply to solve daily problems. In this case, couples can suffer. It is also a physically and nervously tiring year, so health can also take a hit. Remember to protect yourself!

If you are in year 5

Periods 5 are marked by the desire for change. In love, relationships are not lasting but voluntarily.

Professionally, there is often change, for good or bad. Now is the time to free yourself from temporary work, but not to act impulsively. It’s a good time to change jobs, evolve or even leave your company, if the decision is well thought out.

The movement of periods 5 also translates into discoveries and explorations of new territories, often following events where the native has “dared” to do something that he would not have done before.

If you are in year 6

Periods in 6 make the child grow into an adult. Now is the time to be responsible, to stop wandering, to settle down in order to build your future. It is a period where everything can calm down and stabilize to last, or on the contrary be full of twists and turns and realizations.

On the personal side, the period is conducive to official unions, births or conceptions of children, the formation of a household by moving together, etc. The energy of 6 creates pressure on the destiny of the native to stabilize and calm him down.

On the professional side, there is often change for more responsibilities.

Personal year 6 is usually a big year but a double-edged sword because you are responsible for what happens there.

If you are in year 7

2023 being a year 7 for all, if you are in personal year 7, you will feel this pressure twice.

The periods in 7 redirect the energy towards the interior of oneself. The period is conducive to reflection, analysis, studies or the search for inner harmony. In the seasonal cycle, it would be winter where nature sleeps to change phase. But this sleep is active, and in the invisible everything is preparing for life to resume with renewed vigor in the spring. It must be the same for the native during this period.

On the heart side, the period will not be prolific. Since the energy is not conducive to love, meeting opportunities will be rare. Couples can get stuck in a routine where it’s hard to communicate. There will therefore be efforts to be made on this side. The beginning of a 7 year can see the birth of a child. It is not the energy of 7 that produces the event but the tendency of the previous year (in 6) to conceive children. Therefore, those conceived from May in year 6 will be born at term in year 7.

Materially, the 7 is not conducive to ambition. Here too, a certain routine sets in, which it is even risky to break. A professional change in year 7 is rarely profitable, but sometimes fate slips in exceptional surprises in this period.

Periods in 7 are breaks to take stock. It is an intense year spiritually and for personal development. This is what you need to focus on and devote your energy to.

If you are in year 8

In 8 it is time to harvest. But it takes a lot of work and energy to invest in material life. That said, the results are worth the investment.

It is therefore a prosperous year professionally and financially. This is the time to invest, to work hard, to develop, etc.

The 8 is delicate in terms of health. This must be the object of attention during these periods.

If you are in year 9

Periods in 9 are cycle ends before starting a new one. Only small projects or those that are not intended to last over time are auspicious.

From an emotional point of view, the periods in 9 are generally very charged and the barometer of emotions goes on a roller coaster.

Professionally, projects are ending, but overall it is possible to have a very good year. The cycle is at its peak before it starts again: therefore, if the structure is solid and the company healthy, the year can be exceptional like an unexpected last harvest before winter.

In the inner space of the native, the periods in 9 are extraordinary, but they produce shades of contrasting emotions. These periods see the birth of many realizations which will then trigger concrete actions, often separations (friends, companions, work, etc.). But the native then feels relieved of a heavy weight that he had been dragging for too long.

The symbolism of all the numbers as well as the numerological profiles can be read here.

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Numerology 2023: calculate your number for the year and discover your life path

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