Karma: Here’s What Your Last Name Means According to Numerology

Tell me what your name is and I’ll tell you who you are. This promise is no small feat, but what if it could be true? And this affirmation is part of one of the many wonderful insights that numerology can give you. In this article, we bring you the detailed explanation of one of the best kept secrets of the millennial discipline of numbers.

Astro: what does your last name mean according to numerology?

Numerology is the art of understanding the meaning of numbers. This discipline can be a real guide when it comes to discovering your path in life. But did you know that your surname also has a number that characterizes it and that it is charged with karmic energies?

To decipher the karmic energy of your surname, there is a very precise numerology technique. Thanks to this, you will be able to know the essence behind the calculation of the name you bear and which comes to you from your ancestors. This force is called inherited karmic energy, and to reveal them it is necessary to use a mathematical formula, always assigning to each letter the numerical value that Pythagoras assigned to the alphabet in his Table.

How to calculate the karmic number of my surname?

To illustrate the calculation to be made to have your karmic number, suppose that your surname is Dupont. The values ​​will be: D=4; U=3; P=7; O=6; N=5; T=2. The result is 27. The reduction gives us: 2+7=9. The nine would be the karmic number of the surname Dupont.

A, J, S = VALUE 1

B, K, T = VALUE 2

C, L, U = VALUE 3

D, M, V = VALUE 4

E, N, W = VALUE 5

F, O, X = VALUE 6

G, P, Y = VALUE 7

H, Q, Z = VALUE 8

I, R = VALUE 9

Here is the Karmic meaning of your last name!

Discover here what is the energetic node of your family, which is part of your personality! You will be able to work on these energies to improve your future and stop carrying the traumas of the past.

Last name with the value 1

They are unique people with character. They tend to be born leaders and great entrepreneurs. Their family karma lies in not being in competition with others and giving some space to love in his life.

Last name with the value 2

These are people generous, sensitive and caring. Their purpose in life is to complement each other. They are stable people. The Karma of this angel number is to let go of one’s anxious attachment to stability and live life with less concern.

Family name with the value 3

This number represents the call. They are beings dedicated to the transmission of a message and endowed with great intellectual capacities.
The Karma of their name lies in letting oneself be carried away by one’s emotions and not thinking too much.

Last name with the value 4

They are people who value order and stability. Reliable and loyal, they will always know how to keep a secret. The inherited karma they carry is rigidity and lack of adaptability.

Family name with the value 5

They are free individuals who have a vital need to defend themselves. They are usually very expressive. Their family karma lies in not knowing how to limit themselves and quickly falling into exaggeration and lack of control.

Family name with the value 6

These people have a talent for parenting. They tend to take care of others very carefully. They inspire great confidence. The karma that follows them is not meeting their responsibilities on time and leaving everything for the next day.

Last name with the value 7

These individuals tend to be lucky and have an internal compass that guides them. They may seem reserved at first. Their family karma is related to a lack of self-confidence and the job they have to do is to cultivate their self-esteem.

Family name with the value 8

This number is related to success and hard work. Number 8 is full of ambition to achieve his goals and he fights to the end to get what he wants. Their family karma is that they are unable to see beyond their own desires.

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Last name with the value 9

This number represents spiritual greatness and altruism. They are generous and wise, although they can be pedantic at times. Their inherited karma is that they may think they know everything, and never own up to their mistakes.

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Karma: Here’s What Your Last Name Means According to Numerology

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