Numerology for February 2023: 9 as a symbol of renewal

Each year, each month and each new day brings us a unique energy. In 2023, the vibration of 7 will accompany us in order to see things more clearly in our lives and to give more meaning to our projects, to our existence. It is an invitation to get back to basics, to bring awareness to our actions, our way of thinking and to take a new look at life.

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Each month gives us the general atmosphere and promotes our evolution with more fluidity. This allows us to follow the natural movement that is proposed to us at every moment. There is no point in forcing, but rather in entering a space of co-creation with the energies that surround us.

Numerology: what does this month of February 2023 offer us?

In numerology, several numbers can be taken into account to observe the energies of the moment. First, to introduce this month of February, let’s look at the energy of 2 (February being the second month of the year). The 2 corresponds to the energy of yin, of the feminine. We welcome an energy of receptivity, of listening in order to develop our intuition and trust our feelings, our perceptions.

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February 2023, a vibration 9

In numerology we can also calculate the universal month from the universal year. The year 2023 being in vibration 7, it is enough to add the 7 to the number corresponding to the month (2 for February). We then obtain the number 9, which will be the vibration of February 2023.

This beginning of the year has started powerfully with the energies of the month of January. February is approaching, the time has already come to slow down and take time to listen to yourself and your needs.

The 9 symbolizes the end of a cycle. An assessment is recommended and in particular concerning your relationships, your life as a couple, your social life, your professional life. It’s time to put an end to everything that no longer makes sense to you and no longer serves your evolution. Be confident, the 9 will help you leave with sweetness and serenity what must be left aside.

The 9 also represents the world of our dreams, it connects us to our imaginary world and comes to offer us a wonderful opening on all that is to come. It will be good to start a new training course to improve your knowledge, to prepare for a professional reorientation, to prepare for the new cycle to come. With the 9, we open our heart to new projects, new perspectives and we let ourselves be surprised by the synchronicities of life. The 9 brings us protection and guidance, we connect to ourselves and to others.

Advice of the month to live the energies of the 9

It’s time to find a relaxation practice, an activity related to water (swimming pool, thalasso…), anything that will allow you to be in “zen attitude” mode. Water will help purify, promote the release of emotions and limit emotional storms! Listen to your inner calls, have faith and trust in what you feel. Embrace a mindset of gratitude each day for all that already exists.

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Trust – Listening – Couple – Relations – Alliance – Emotivity – Intuition – Travels – Sharing – Generosity – Support – End of cycle – Separation – Collaboration – Peace – Gentleness – New world – Universe – Training

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Numerology for February 2023: 9 as a symbol of renewal

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