BLOG – 4 facial yoga postures to maintain your natural beauty

WELL-BEING – Made up of 50 different muscles, our face is an exceptional tool for expressing our emotions. Just like our body, it is subject to fluctuation of our environment and the passage of time.

Take care of your face

He therefore needs to be kept in shape. When the yoga traditional maintains our physical and mental balance, facial yoga allows us to truly take care of our face, through a set ofexercises rich, precise, and adapted.

the yoga of the face combines classical yoga techniques (breathing, consciousness), self-massagesspecific exercises, drainage techniques and acupressure.

Thus, over the sessions, we maintain the natural beauty of our face and reflect all this relaxation and joy in our body and mind.

Like any yoga practice, face yoga requires regularity, time and patience.

This basic work does not prevent us from wanting to give a quick boost to our face.

Before you start

Make sure your face and hands are clean. Choose organic and ethical products.

Make yourself comfortable, sitting on a chair facing a mirror.

If possible spray a little floral or mineral water on your face and neck.

Pour a few drops of an organic vegetable oil into the palm of your hands and rub them against each other to warm the oil to your body temperature.

Place your hands flat on the neck, cheeks, forehead and the rest of the face to deposit the oil. It will penetrate deeply through the following exercises

4 exercises for a lifting effect and a quick boost to your face

Exercise 1: Relaxed jaws and reshaped facial oval

  • Form a pinch with your fingers of the right hand by introducing the thumb inside the left cheek, as high as possible towards the ear and keeping the other fingers outside. With these pliers, lift the skin of the cheek from under the jaw to the top and start again all along the cheek to the mouth. Repeat two more times and do the same on the right side with the left hand.
  • Wipe your hands.

Exercise 2: Boost blood circulation and give you a healthy glow instantly

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Inflate the cheeks and press your lips against the teeth with one hand to avoid creasing this area. With the other hand, very flat, tap on one cheek then on the other without deflating them.

Continuing to breathe quietly through your nose, continue for 30 seconds to a minute.

Exercise 3: Red lips and lifted cheekbones

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Bring your lips back to your teeth and close your mouth. The lips are tight between the teeth.

To avoid wrinkling around the lips, place your fingertips at the level of the corners and thus flatten any wrinkles.

Inhale, and on the exhale, smile until you feel a little tension in the cheekbones that go up towards the eyes.

Hold there for a few breaths and release slowly.

Repeat once or twice.

Exercise 4: Red and plump lips

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Purse your lips together between thumb and forefinger, side to side, bringing them forward.

Start well on the corner of the lips, where a lot of muscles come together and form a fairly tight knot. By dint of massaging this place, it will gradually relax and be less knotted under your fingers. Make between 3 and 6 round trips.


Once these exercises are done, close your eyes for a moment and gently pat your entire face with your fingertips.

Then caress it, still with your fingertips, to feel every detail.

Then place your hands on your knees or thighs and breathe deeply.

Feel your face, your skin, all the sensations that can manifest there. And also feel how much these exercises have relaxed the rest of your body.

Smile and open your eyes! Here you are resplendent to continue your day!

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BLOG – 4 facial yoga postures to maintain your natural beauty

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