Adam Levine unfaithful? Her yoga instructor accuses the singer of sending her sexts

The affair thickens! A fourth woman has come forward to flesh out rumors of Adam Levine’s infidelity. This time, it’s the singer’s yoga teacher who made the astonishing confession.

This Wednesday, September 21, another woman came forward also accusing Adam Levine. This time it’s about the 43 year old artist’s yoga teacherreports DailyMail. According to information gathered by the media, this teacher accuses the singer of having sent her “dirty texts”. Note that this yogi is the fourth woman to come forward in the face of these rumors of infidelity from the husband of Behati Prinsloo, 34 years old.

The yoga teacher, Alanna Zabel, had trained the singer of Brown 5 between 2007 and 2010. She claims to have received a message from the star telling her that he: wanted to spend the day with you naked. Moreover, the singer would then boast to his friends that Alanna Zabel had the best ass in town and that he was cute, always depending on the medium. The yogi had also shared that her boyfriend at the time had seen this message. Subsequently, he would have become violent and that after a fit of jealousy, he would have broken his wrist. In her tracks, Alanna Zabel also claimed that Adam Levine abandoned her when she told him what happened. The singer would also have it removed from tour of the time.

3 other accusations against Adam Levine

Note that Alanna Zabel is the fourth woman to have made explosive revelations regarding Adam Levine. Indeed, three other women have already made the same accusation in relation to the singer. We are talking about two models and an actress who took to social media to explain that Adam Levine would have sent inappropriate messages while he is married to the angel of Victoria’s Secret, Behati Prinsloo. Moreover, comedian Maryka and Alyson Rose had job screenshots of these so-called conversations on Instagram. This comes on the heels of model and influencer Sumner Stroh claiming to have had a secret relationship with the singer for almost a year last year.

Sumner Stroh made some big revelations

Sumner Stroh did these shocking revelations on Adam Levine, last September 19 on TikTok. She openly asserted having had a relationship with the singer for almost a year, but not only. Indeed, the 23-year-old influencer had also claimed that the singer had contacted him a few months after they lost sight of each other. The interpreter of girls like you would have him asked permission to call her next child “Sumner”if ever it was a boy, according to Mirror.

Sumner Stroh also explained that she had made these revelations to take precedence over a close friend of hers who knew of her relationship with the artist. This friend would have attempted to sell the screenshots to a magazine, in his words. She would therefore have taken this initiative in order to have the opportunity to explain the facts, with her words, the first. “When the relationship started, I was young, I was naive”, Sumner Stroh had confided. For his part, Adam Levine took to social networks on September 20 to explain that he had indeed “crossed the line” compared to his wife, but that he had never had a relationship with Sumner Stroh.

The couple are not shaken by these accusations

Adam Levine and his wife, Behati Prinsloo, were reportedly spotted ata couple outing at Montecito with a smile on their face, on Tuesday, September 20, reports the DailyMail. An outing that comes just after the singer denied dating Sumner Stroh. The couple seemed happy as the 34-year-old model is pregnant and expecting her third child. Despite the numerous accusations against the singer, there was obviously no sign of marital conflict, according to the media.

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Adam Levine unfaithful? Her yoga instructor accuses the singer of sending her sexts

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