Charente-Maritime: these men and women who have decided to change jobs and lives

Profiles marked by a fed up with their…

Profiles marked by a fed up with their professional situation and even, for some, affected by a burn-out. Repair hearts, bodies, minds and boost self-esteem to bounce back better. This is one of Hervé’s missions. “The idea being that taking stock of your professional and personal life allows you to start off on the right foot and find your perfect balance… In any case, the right direction”, specifies the one who recently organized an aperitif-dinner at the Café du Parc, in Royan, so that those he has helped so far can meet.

Sandra, 53, was there. The former executive assistant could not miss this meeting, she who saw her life turned upside down. For thirty years in a real estate agency, in Royan, the interested party had gone around the question. “At more than fifty years old I have saturated. But what to do? We worked with Hervé for two months. I really didn’t know where to go. Little by little it became clearer, ”she says. Her taste for meditation and massages pushes her towards a school, in Bordeaux.

Totally fulfilled

Today, she is based on her own account in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer and offers modeling massage and plantar reflexology. “It’s only positive and that’s what I needed. This mother is now completely fulfilled. “This conversion has completely changed my life. At the end of these thirty years of secretarial work, she had become more irascible. It is a resurrection. Soothed, serene and zen are now the qualifiers that characterize it.

Getting out of your comfort zone is hard

Taking the plunge is not always easy, however. The comfort of a well-paid permanent job can be a brake on change. Matthieu knows something about it, he who had been a manager in mass distribution in the Pays Royannais for ten years and who completely gave up this job, however remunerative, to embark on the renovation of houses. At 32, he created his company and his order book is full “until next summer”.

“I was fed up and I didn’t want to have someone above me anymore. In parallel with my job, I renovated houses. The idea came to me to create my renovation company in the building industry. I approached Hervé to be sure that I was making the right choice. You can’t be wrong, especially when you have a family to support. Getting out of your comfort zone is complicated,” he warns. A skills assessment confirms his decision. A qualifying training and diplomas in hand, he created, two years ago, Charentes Renov. Without regret.

Big concierge

This experience allowed Matthieu to gain confidence. So much so that he became a municipal councilor in his commune of Sablonceaux. “It’s something I might not have done before. Happy, Isabelle is too. The 57-year-old fishmonger has decided to leave her profession, which she has been practicing for twenty-seven years with her husband in Saint-Palais and Châtelaillon. “We sold our company and I carried out a skills assessment to see if the new job I had in mind was the right one,” she explains. Finally yes. Here she is a reflexologist being installed. Nothing to do with shucking and gutting a line bass.

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Charente-Maritime: these men and women who have decided to change jobs and lives

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