Celtic horoscope: here is your protective sign according to your date of birth

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Did you know that almost every culture has its own astrology?Ancient peoples all had a pantheon of deities they revered, and an astrology that guided them.There are a variety of astrologies around the world, such as the Maya, the egyptianand even theIndian ! But today, we are going to present to you that of the … Read more


Originally from Saint-Louis, Amadou Moctar Ly, “Masta” as his artist name, plunges into the heart of the imagination of this 300-year-old city to give a face to the protective genius of the city. “Mystic city of Kumba Bang”, his exhibition at the Kemboury Gallery, is a journey into an imaginary, but very real world. The … Read more

The top astrological signs of the most chicken and protective moms

Are you a mother hen ? A mother very involved in the lives of her children, an ultra-protective mother, who tends to overprotect her offspring? A mother very present, sometimes almost too much in the life of her children? Know that your zodiac sign says a lot about the mom you are. Moreover, if your … Read more