The top astrological signs of the most chicken and protective moms

Are you a mother hen ? A mother very involved in the lives of her children, an ultra-protective mother, who tends to overprotect her offspring? A mother very present, sometimes almost too much in the life of her children? Know that your zodiac sign says a lot about the mom you are. Moreover, if your sign is mentioned below, don’t be surprised if those around you find you a little too chicken… It’s quite simply engraved in the stars (but that’s very good too)!

The Cancer Mom: motherhood in her DNA

The Cancer women put their family first in their lives. They are very affectionate, helpful and sensitive. The Cancer mom is the one we often consider the most maternal, among all the signs of the zodiac : she is sweet, tender, cuddly and understanding. But it is not “perfect” for all that: it can sometimes be a little too “sticky” in spite of itself. Indeed, qWhen they are mothers, Cancerians become very anxious. It’s stronger than them, eThey constantly worry about their children! Their concerns, related to the dangers that their children may incur in everyday life, often take over. La cancer mom is Overprotective and would like to enclose her little ones in a cocoon so that the misfortunes of life do not reach them. And this, even when children grow up and become adults: in his eyes, they will always be his little babies (even if we can say that this last point still relates to all the signs)!

Mom Leo: queen of protection

No need to draw you a picture, people with Leo as a zodiac sign are very… ferocious. We let you imagine the lion moms character Also, simply, like lionesses, they protect their territory and their cubs. Whoever dares to touch their offspring will regret it for a very long time: the mother lioness will not hesitate to get her claws out. Moreover, they nurture their children and never stay very far from them. Impossible for the Lion mother to leave them unprotected: she has a lot of trouble let your children be independent ! Indeed, one of the first Leo traits is that he is protective.

The Scorpio Mom: the possessive mother

Scorpio is the sign ofexcessiveness. He gives everything he has to give, and even too much. We let you imagine the temperament of a Scorpio mom She is a progenitor who lives her role intensely: she loves her children passionately and is very fusion with his offspring. Since Scorpio is also the sign of jealousy and exclusivity, Scorpio moms sometimes find it difficult to share their children with others. They are very possessive and therefore, a lot on the back of their children. In short, they fail to unhook: they are still clinging to their young. And have also terrified of losing them one day. She is a sometimes intrusive mother!

The Virgo Mom: the control freak

The zodiac sign Virgo is associated with Hestiathe goddess of the hearth. A coincidence that is not one, since Virgo moms embody organization and perfectionism. Indeed, these are mothers who find it difficult to let go. Suffice to say that they have a lot of trouble letting their children fly on their own. They want to control everything, so that everything goes as planned, without adventures: it is a way for them to assure their children a serene and happy future. Virgo women are also anxious motherswho worry easily. Even when her children are adults, Virgo needs to see them very, very often. She is a little pot of glue !

Anyway, all moms are hens in their own way! If some are more anxious, others are more possessive, some are more protective or even invasive. But what is certain is that they all do their best and love their children with a very deep love.

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The top astrological signs of the most chicken and protective moms

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