TV program: “The mule”, “Birth”… the films to see and the turnips to avoid this week

Have Others Monday, June 6, Arte, 8:50 p.m. In 1945, in a mansion on the island of Jersey, lives a reclusive mother and her two children. And no doubt also a few ghosts… Combining a classic horror film and an intrigue with a final twist, this great film by Alejandro Amenabar manages to combine formal … Read more

Numerology: what does the number of the day of birth mean?

The numerology is interested in symbolic language of numbers. And whatever they are! Each number, date can be associated with different interpretations depending on the context but not only… Sometimes considered as a pseudo-science, sometimes occult and/or fanciful beliefs, numerology is far from unanimous. What does it matter! For fans, all the numbers have a … Read more