Astro: how to know your birth chart, and above all what is it for? – Here is

Astro how to know your birth chart and above all

Signs, planets, houses… To know everything about the realization of an astral chart and especially how to decipher it. Find out how to get a complete map of your personality in minutes! Sun sign, Mercury in Capricorn, house 7… Unless you are a specialist in astrology, these notions are complex to grasp. But knowing what … Read more

Discographic premieres for Leo Blech, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth

Discographic premieres for Leo Blech on the occasion of the

Leo Bléch (1871-1958) : Complete Works for Orchestra. Lieder with orchestra. Waldwanderung for orchestra op. 8 no. 1; Von den Englein, for female choir and orchestra; Trost in der Natur, barcarolle for orchestra op. 7 no. 3; Six Kinder Lieder for voice and small orchestra ; Wie ist doch die Erde so schön, op. 21 … Read more

Numerology: what does the number of the day of birth mean?

Numerology what does the number of the day of birth

The numerology is interested in symbolic language of numbers. And whatever they are! Each number, date can be associated with different interpretations depending on the context but not only… Sometimes considered as a pseudo-science, sometimes occult and/or fanciful beliefs, numerology is far from unanimous. What does it matter! For fans, all the numbers have a … Read more

Celtic horoscope: here is your protective sign according to your date of birth

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Did you know that almost every culture has its own astrology?Ancient peoples all had a pantheon of deities they revered, and an astrology that guided them.There are a variety of astrologies around the world, such as the Maya, the egyptianand even theIndian ! But today, we are going to present to you that of the … Read more

The Toulousain Bernard Werber nervous “like a dad who has just given birth to a baby” for his 32nd book

The Toulousain Bernard Werber nervous like a dad who has

This is his 32nd book. And it has sold millions of copies around the world. Yet the Toulouse writer Bernard Werber is always apprehensive when releasing a new book. He publishes this Wednesday The Diagonal of the Queens : the story of two women, two geniuses of chess, that everything opposes. Between wars, terrorist attacks … Read more

What is my cat’s astro sign when we don’t know its date of birth?

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It’s not just humans whose personality aspects can be defined through astrology! Cats are housed in the same boat. To read laterSavedFollow #chat#chat Tracking For some, cats would be as sensitive to the movements of the stars as their human masters. However, we do not always have the exact date of birth of his cat … Read more

Birth: a baby is born with 4 arms and 4 legs

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In India, the Hindu goddess Lakshmi has four arms. It is traditionally associated with fortune, prosperity and abundance. A baby girl born in the state of Uttar Pradesha few days ago, is considered the reincarnation of this goddess. In question ? An extremely rare malformation called polymelia or the presence of a “parasitic twin” which … Read more

TV program: “The mule”, “Birth”… the films to see and the turnips to avoid this week

Have Others Monday, June 6, Arte, 8:50 p.m. In 1945, in a mansion on the island of Jersey, lives a reclusive mother and her two children. And no doubt also a few ghosts… Combining a classic horror film and an intrigue with a final twist, this great film by Alejandro Amenabar manages to combine formal … Read more