Which Ice Cream Flavor to Choose According to Your Zodiac Sign | BPD Moms

Remember this list the next time you don’t know which flavor to choose! In summer, there is nothing better than a good ice cream to cool off and have fun! On the other hand, we don’t always know which flavor appeals to us the most once we get to the dairy counter… To remedy this … Read more

The top astrological signs of the most chicken and protective moms

Are you a mother hen ? A mother very involved in the lives of her children, an ultra-protective mother, who tends to overprotect her offspring? A mother very present, sometimes almost too much in the life of her children? Know that your zodiac sign says a lot about the mom you are. Moreover, if your … Read more

3 favorite YouTube channels for doing meditation | BPD Moms

3 favorite YouTube channels for doing meditation BPD Moms

With the arrival of Covid-19 in our lives, my stress level increased considerably and with the first confinement, I had even more free time to worry. Following my quest to tame anxiety, I started meditating. So, for over a year now, I’ve been meditating every day and it’s improved my life so much that I … Read more

Moms, do you know “the mystique of crumbs under the table”?

What mother hasn’t sighed, trembled or blanched when Wednesday arrived? All these cavalcades, these arguments and these cries… One, climbed on a stool, grabbed a glass of milk. He has spilled everything on the ground and is wading there as in the sea. The other is crying. They broke his toy, the pretty little singing … Read more