Celtic horoscope: here is your protective sign according to your date of birth

Did you know that almost every culture has its own astrology?
Ancient peoples all had a pantheon of deities they revered, and an astrology that guided them.
There are a variety of astrologies around the world, such as the Maya, the egyptianand even theIndian ! But today, we are going to present to you that of the druids.

Astro: Which Celtic Zodiac Plant Protects You?

The Celts had a very important nature cult. They honored her for all she gave them and generated a view of the world through her.
Druids assigned a tree or plant as a symbol at each astrological sign.
Find out which one is yours here!

Apple tree: from December 23 to January 1 and from June 25 to July 4

This tree represents love and emotion. The sweetness and imagination of these natives are the most developed of this zodiac. They are also very romantic and good at showing their feelings.

Christmas tree: from January 2 to January 11 and from July 5 to July 14

This tree represents transformation. Those born under this tree of power will be able to live a thousand lifetimes and reinvent themselves in each one. Their main characteristic is the great will they possess.

Elm: from January 12 to January 24 and from July 15 to 25

People born under the protection of the elm tree are generous and well-meaning. Their way to be happy is to help others and create strong and lasting friendships.

Cypresses: from January 25 to February 3 and from July 26 to August 4

This sign is marked by the loyalty of its natives. They will do anything for you if they consider you one of them. Trust and love are their most important values.

Poplar: from February 4 to February 8 and from August 05 to August 13

This Celtic sign is the sign of comfort and fertility. Their need for affection is great and their gifts for mothering very important.

Hackberry: from February 9 to 18 and from August 14 to 23

This tree represents generosity and self-confidence. People born under this sign possess a lot of hope and patience, as well as great independence.

Pine: from February 19 to 29 and from August 24 to September 2

People born under the sign of the pine are people who like to distinguish themselves by their difference. One of a kind, they know how to make others feel special as well and are very natural and spontaneous.

Willow: March 1 to 10 and September 3 to 12

Willow gives its proteges the ability to heal pain and learn from their mistakes. The most resilient sign of the druidic horoscope, he will always find a positive solution to his problems.

Tilleul: from March 11 to 20 and from September 13 to 22

The main characteristic of this Celtic sign is the gentleness and compassion they show. If they could help the whole world, they would gladly do so. Altruism and quiet strength define them.

Oak: March 21

This Celtic zodiac sign is brave and bold. Nothing stops him and he knows how to lead others like a captain. Perseverance is their best virtue.

Oliver: September 23

The olive tree represents wisdom and philosophy. This tree, essential to European cultures, also represents flexibility of mind and freedom of thought.

Walnut: from March 22 to 31 and from September 24 to October 3

People born under the sign of walnut are often people with great natural charisma and a very high popularity rating. Their personality makes them irresistible and playful.

Sorbier: from April 1 to 10 and from October 4 to 13

This astrological sign has as first qualities, elegance and refinement. This is due to its immense sensitivity which makes it delicate and unique.

Maple: April 11 to 20 and October 14 to 23

This sign is endowed with an uncommon intelligence. He knows what he wants and always has the best ideas to get it efficiently. An absolutely alert and alive spirit.

Hazel tree: from April 21 to 30 and from October 24 to November 2

The main feature of this sign is its adaptability. This personality trait is their number one element in overcoming whatever problems life throws at them. A natural and surprising chameleon!

Jasmin: May 1 to 14 and November 3 to 11

This sign has the gift of creating beauty and harmony around him. He has the ability to always see the best in others and to transmit peace in all circumstances. Their beauty is remarkable and admired.

Chestnut: May 15 to 24 and November 12 to 21

Only the truth will come out of the mouths of people born under this sign. The driving force in their lives is to be fair and to create equity wherever they go. Nothing bothers them more than lying and they will do anything to eradicate it from their lives.

Ash: May 25 to June 3 and November 22 to December 1

Motivated and determined, people born under this sign have an invincible will. They do not give up in the face of difficulties and always know how to fight their demons. A balanced and powerful sign.

Charm: June 4 to 13 and December 2 to 11

This astrological sign deserves to be recognized for its finesse and sophistication. They know how to distinguish themselves from the crowd and have great eloquence. These qualities allow them to charm their friends… And their enemies!

Fig tree: from June 14 to 23 and from December 12 to 21

The most affectionate and caring sign of the Celtic zodiac is the fig tree. He knows how to give attention and never asks for anything in return. Sympathy and goodwill will always be their most praised attributes.

Birch: June 24

Serious and ambitious personalities, who value freedom above all else. Their way of expressing themselves is creative and they will always go where they are needed.

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Celtic horoscope: here is your protective sign according to your date of birth

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