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Although Sam and Dean Winchester are the stars of 15 one-season series Supernatural, there are many other beloved recurring characters (especially Bobby Singer, who was played by Jim Beaver). While the Winchesters are smart in their own rights, they often run to their surrogate father for help – from hunting research to family advice. Bobby … Read more


Originally from Saint-Louis, Amadou Moctar Ly, “Masta” as his artist name, plunges into the heart of the imagination of this 300-year-old city to give a face to the protective genius of the city. “Mystic city of Kumba Bang”, his exhibition at the Kemboury Gallery, is a journey into an imaginary, but very real world. The … Read more

“Genius of France”, by Abdennour Bidar: for a mystical secularism

Book. The title is daring, the subject removed. At a time when questioning the identity of France may seem obsolete or even tendentious, Abdennour Bidar intends to show the urgency of such reflection. Accustomed to religious or spiritual questions (self-islamThreshold, 2006; Spiritual revolution!Almora, 2021), the philosopher prefers, however, to the term “identity” – which suggests … Read more