In Burgundy/Franche-Comté, two feminist visions of November 25

With a total of about six hundred demonstrators, the processions of Besançon (20/11) and Dijon (27/11) have modestly mobilized. Activists nevertheless remain more determined than ever to fight against all forms of gender-based and sexual violence, four years after the #MeToo wave. With a total of around six hundred demonstrators, the processions in Besançon – … Read more

Why do witches have an important place in the feminist struggle?

Why do witches have an important place in the feminist

Once condemned to the stake, witches have long worn the hat of “pariah” of society. But today, these so-called “evil” creatures proudly fly over feminist demonstrations. If in the collective imagination, the witch is this old shrew with hooked fingers who delights behind her cauldron, she contains a strong symbolism in the equality of the … Read more

Suzanne de Callias, “woman-soldier” of feminist literature

Suzanne de Callias woman soldier of feminist literature

Chronicle “Proud of letters”case Each month, the National Library of France highlights a work by an unknown writer, to be downloaded free of charge in Gallica. Today, Suzanne de Callias (1883-1964), author and journalist committed to women’s rights. A member of the Parisian intelligentsia, Suzanne de Callias was a composite of the modern woman of … Read more

Funny, playful and feminist: these Instagram accounts that bring astrology into a new cycle

Funny accounts on Instagram, YouTube channels, apps… Astrology, this old moon, is having a revolution. Demonstration with five influencers light years away from Madame Soleil. “Watch the astro on instagram, it’s a bit like a knock. I don’t necessarily understand everything, but it makes me laugh, especially when I see memes with Monica from Friendsa … Read more