Funny, playful and feminist: these Instagram accounts that bring astrology into a new cycle

Funny accounts on Instagram, YouTube channels, apps… Astrology, this old moon, is having a revolution. Demonstration with five influencers light years away from Madame Soleil.

“Watch the astro on instagram, it’s a bit like a knock. I don’t necessarily understand everything, but it makes me laugh, especially when I see memes with Monica from Friendsa Virgo fan of cleaning like me!”, says Marie, 41. This marketing manager, who religiously follows the advice of Susan Miller, American guru of astrology (see the Astrology Zone app), never misses a post on @astrotrick. On this Instagram account, one of the references of the genre, no literal predictions, but rather a pop and second degree recreation around the signs astrological. Like Marie, many of them follow accounts on the social network that use the codes of astrology to better divert them. A quick glance can measure the extent of the phenomenon: @glossy_zodiac (5 million subscribers), @group.astrology (133,000 subscribers), @astro.lya (237K), @sisters_astrology (105K), (410K)…

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Hundreds of accounts and content creators have embraced astrology as a new way to build communities. The same recipe each time: astrological signs, ascendants, houses, their planets, but above all their stereotypes (superorganized Taurus, eccentric Aquarius, hyperambitious Capricorn, etc.), and jokes based on images taken from TV showsof people news or of cartoons. And it is especially the younger generations, born with a smartphone in their cradle, who are hooked.

Bahia is 19 years old, and she would “never go consult a clairvoyant“. However, she does not miss a story from her favorite astro accounts: “I watch them every day! I am Libra, and I recognize myself as serious in the profiles. I want to believe it! Before, I even looked at the compatibility with the signs of my friends, but that, I stopped.” Like Marie, Bahia tags her friends or reposts her favorite stories on her own account, as a way of talking about her and Engage in conversation with her community. Exit, therefore, the horoscope that we read to friends in the women’s magazine: Madame Soleil has changed, she is now an “astro influencer”. She thus joins the “witch 2.0” clubanother figure very present on the networks, a sort of reactivation feminist of the myth of the magician.

Astrology is like a metalanguage to say the same things as in literature.

Maheva Stephan-Bugni

An era of change

Yesterday a little corny, so here is astrology become cool again. When Maheva Stephan-Bugni, 41, opened her Instagram account dedicated to astro, @astrotruc (see below) in 2018, yet it was almost “like a joke”, she says. A part-time school teacher, she does not believe in astrology: “Since I was little, it has been the power of symbolism that has fascinated me. For me, astrology is like a metalanguage for saying the same things as in literature finally, to lead a reflection on oneself and on the world. I use it as a narrative bias, a way to get to know oneself better.” Passionate about philosophy like TV series (its references range from Game Of Thrones to Heidegger), Maheva claims a form of reappropriation of astrology as “something which until then had been stamped ‘trick of good women'”. Feminist, astrology? One thing is certain, now horned by Ariane Geffard (the powerful agent and publisher of Mona Chollet and Titiou Lecoq ), Maheva has all the cards in hand to become a publishing phenomenon. Because, like the witches before them, these new astro-influencers whet appetites. And some are clearly leading the dance.

Twelve jewels for a scorpion

At 28, Shera Kerienski is a heavyweight in the middle (@shera, see below). Successful Youtuber, the refreshing Shera surfs on all the trends, her videos speak as much of the stars as of feminism or body positivism. For the one who defines herself as a “passionate autodidact”, astrology is above all a “quest for oneself”. She continues: “It allowed me to love my faults and to feel less alone. To also understand my reactions in certain situations.” On her account, videos in which she stages herself and decodes the signs with humor and derision. She adds: “I do not claim to be an astrologer, I share my passion in all humility.” And its community activates the likes machine.

Astrology allowed me to love my flaws and feel less alone.

Shera Kerienski

A desire to re-enchant the world

Thomas Zylberman, trend designer for the Carlin style office, observes with interest this change in astrology, which also affects fashion brands. Some do not hesitate to draw abundantly from zodiacal imagery for their storytelling (like jacquemusClothes or Dior Jewelry, which offers jewelry based on its sun sign). “Here, we are no longer at all in the predictive, but in the “where am I in this world?” We have entered the society of well-being: we see it with everything related to the trend healthy-wellness . It is now fundamental to get to know and listen to each other, whereas this was previously frowned upon”, he explains. “People want to create a space for themselves that would not be rational, cold and Cartesian : this is a civilizational need, there is a real desire to re-enchant the world, to find a place for the marvelous”, continues Thomas Zylberman. In short, a form of tailor-made mysticism and expression of his personality, fitting with this society of the individual which is ours.

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A marketing vein?

At a time when the perfumes are “degenerated”, for example, what better than to offer fragrances according to your zodiac sign? It exists with swimsuits, like those of the influencer Noholita, available in twelve colours: “Cancer, you are sentimental, creative, intuitive, but also gentle, wise, simple, clairvoyant… Element, water; planet, Moon; colour, white.” A marketing trick like any other, which allows you to feel in line with your personality. Because, as Shera says, “each horoscope is a bit like the map spiritual identity of each individual.” This need for esoteric sprinkling is not new, but it is accelerating in our hyperconnected worlds, in which the great monotheistic religions are in full retreat. The ethnologist Dominique Camus, who has written extensively on the myths popular, thinks, meanwhile, that “this return to favor of astrology is explained first of all by the fact… that it has never completely left! We always do an astral chart in the same way, it’s been codified for millennia. Only the uses have changed.” In short, with the social networks, astro has simply become a pop and playful way of reading life. But what about Jupiter?

Each birth chart is like the spiritual identity card of each individual.

Shera Kerienski

The most pro

The codes : face to face. At 48, Sophie has already had a busy life before training in astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London (she was a PR at Clarins). Now this fan of yoga lives from his passion for the stars, between the island of Sifnos, in Greece, and Amsterdam. She offers Zoom consultations to all her international clients.
The mantra: Marked by her study of Alan Leo, who transformed Nostradamus-style astrology into so-called “humanist” astrology, Sophie defines herself as an “astrophile”.
Its bonus: on Instagram, she makes her “astroblablas” every two weeks to see “the highlights of the month”. She also sends every Sunday, by WhatsApp, an astral bulletin to 2,000 subscribers.

The most classic

The codes : a real neo-visionary, Julia, 24, produces a weekly taroscope on his Instagram account. Pastel colors and romantic imagery required. Fans are asking for more.
The mantra: “Swipe to see angel advice!”
Its bonus: Julia had her first flash at age 20. Very Cartesian, she ends up discovering that her own aunt has always had talents as a medium. As a good pro, she offers face-to-face and video consultations alongside her Insta taroscopes. She has even already participated in clairvoyance evenings organized by brands like Gucci or Converse.

most influential

The codes : outspoken and close to the one who is one of the most powerful influencers of the genre. With more than 1.4 million subscribers, the young woman, who also talks about body positivism in her posts, recently pricked herself with astrology. She regales her community with “astral climates” and sketches on the signs with her #sherastrology.
The mantra: “With Mercury in retrograde, it was not crazy!”
Its bonus: like all
influencer who respects herself, she has just released her personal development book, Astro book, the guide to get better in your lifeEditions Hugo Image.

The most literary

The codes : created in 2020, this original account promises to combine astrology and literature. There are memes that bring together Fran Lebowitz, Toni Morrison and Alexandre Dumas. Spiritual and referenced.
The mantra: “Astrology is magic in the best sense of the word.”
Its bonus: the author, Marion, is a university English teacher. “I wanted to make my students want to read feminist and afrofeminist authors, and astrology is like literature: characters and a story.”

The most “LOL”

The codes : on her Instagram account launched in 2018, author Maheva Stephan-Bugni delights her followers (like Clara Luciani Where Caroline de Maigret) of his astro-humorous memes and images from well-known series or films. She does not believe in astrology, her thing is rather “astro-philo”, or how to use astrology as a “poetic and narrative” language.
The mantra: “Don’t believe astrology. I’m Sagittarius, and Sagittarians are skeptical.” She borrowed this quote from Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction author and co-screenwriter of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Its bonus: his latest book, Astrotrick. Decipher your horoscope with pop culture!, Éditions Marabout, is a literary and philosophical wandering (she quotes Spinoza) on the stars. Infinitely quirky. The anti-guide to personal development.

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Funny, playful and feminist: these Instagram accounts that bring astrology into a new cycle

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