Law of attraction: example, in love, danger, what is it?

Law of attraction example in love danger what is it

What if our thoughts had an influence on our lives? That’s what the Law of Attraction suggests. This concept indicates in particular that our positive thoughts and emotions attract similar events and people to us. How to use it in love and in everyday life? Answers with Sylvie Lair. Summary Definition: what is the law … Read more

Lanfrey, where is it? People of Lanfrey, our village is in danger! – The Omnibus

Lanfrey where is it People of Lanfrey our village is

This is how the syndic of this village could have expressed himself at the beginning of the 16th century. This is also how Fabrice De Icco could have started his presentation this Saturday morning on the Place du Bourg de RomainmĂ´tier. In any case, it was through the development company that organized the event that … Read more